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New Home

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  • Interests:28 year law enforcement officer. My wife and I call ourselves "paranormal tourists." That is, we make a pastime of travelling to famous haunts and investigating/staying/visiting. We take tons of photos (Search my name on this forum to see some of them, including at least two apparitions we captured) but we NEVER attempt contact or communication.

Posted 27 January 2021 - 03:32 AM

Back the summer of 2003, I moved into my second home with my wife at the time. The house was about 40 years old then. Soon after moving in, I began to hear a lot of noises in the kitchen late at night, after we'd gone to bed. I at first assumed that these were the sounds of an older house that I wasn't accustomed to. My wife scares pretty easy, so I kept it to myself. Meanwhile, my wife, while preparing one of the bedrooms for my daughters from a previous marriage- who frequently visited- had her hair pulled from behind, and was poked in the back while she was in that room, and alone in the house. One night, about 10-15 minutes after we'd lay down in bed, the noises in the kitchen fired up. I normally take an hour or two to fall asleep, and my wife normally took some time as well. A few minutes into the kitchen noises, I heard a very loud, distinct prolonged cackle from an old woman in the stereotype of the old witches we've become accustomed to via television and movies. I immediately turned my head to look at my wife, expecting to see her staring back with wide eyes, but she had already fallen asleep, as she showed no response to it. Checking the house, I found we were alone. I again elected not to tell her, as it would only cause her anxiety. My daughters had a children's barn toy, which had, among other features, the sound of a cow mooing via an electronic speaker. The feature was normally activated by pushing a button, but it would intermittently sound in the early AM hours, particularly if we walked by the bedroom door. Admittedly, this could definitely have been a malfunction, but the startling, long, deep mooing was creepy nonetheless. The events culminated with the most overt of activity: One night, while my daughters were visiting for the summer, my wife and I sat in the living room watching TV in the late night hours. We had a polished wood floor in the living room and hallway leading to the bedrooms, and the arm of the couch I was resting upon faced down the hallway. Suddenly, I felt a very powerful thud against the arm of the couch that actually moved me in the couch. A bit angered and immediately thinking one of my daughters had slid on her socks into the couch like someone sliding into home plate, somehow unseen in my peripheral vision, I propped myself up on my elbow in the couch arm, and looked over to scold my child, and found that nothing/no one was there. I immediately looked behind the couch, finding nothing/no one there, either. I then went to the kids' room to find them both asleep in their bunk bed. This would begin my foray into the study and practice of deliverance ministry. The next day, my wife and I discussed the event, and it was at this time we both confessed to each other the activity we'd experienced and had kept to ourselves. We went room by room commanding any unclean spirits be vanquished in the name of Jesus. We lived there for another seven years with not another single incident.

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Posted 28 January 2021 - 01:20 AM

Thanks for sharing your experience and how you handled it. :yes:

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Posted 28 January 2021 - 07:52 PM

well done - no further incidents? That's a great result! Sometimes you get a few last goes at it before they finally go for good!
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Posted 02 February 2021 - 12:19 PM

You stood strong in your faith and whatever was in your home knew that you held a greater force.  Good for you!
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