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Ghost Stories As Told By Nurses....

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#21 BrxGhostWriter



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Posted 14 July 2005 - 08:01 PM

Yes, thanks for posting those stories. I enjoyed reading them.

The ones about the black figures scared me a little--especially that poor person who said "Don't let them take me." That's horrible. And, then the nurse who saw the black figure over the patient and knew it was something evil. Do you think a black figure at the time of death is bad news? It seems that if it were to be a happy ending for the patient, they wouldn't be scared and the figure wouldn't be black?

The only stories I have are about a building on our campus that used to be a hospital---apparently the doctors and nurses and patients are still there at night. It is a very creepy building.


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Posted 14 July 2005 - 10:59 PM

I'm a nurse here in Australia and thought I would add one of mine.
I was went to work at this small hospital that I had heard a ghost story about. At the larger hospital I was at initially even doctors had taken a visit to see a security footage video that everyone was talking about and even they couldn't explain this.
When I went to work at this hospital I thought I would check the story out with witnesses.
One evening late at night a security guard with a dog was patrolling the carpark at the back of the wards. Earlier he had walked with his dog behind these buildings and he thought he saw a shadow and thought it was an intruder but noone there. He said he definitely saw something. Later her was walking across the carpark and his dog suddenly stopped and  went off its brain at something the guard couldnt see. It unnerved the guard quite a bit and it took a while to calm his dog. The dog was pulling on its leash at something.
A bit later a bored nurse was sitting near the monitor and rewound the security video to see if she could see any druggos hanging around. She saw the part where the guard was crossing the carpark and saw him stop and his dog reacting. She couldnt believe what she saw. She saw a whitish glowing thing come down from the trees and onto the grass and cross onto the concrete of the carpark. when it reached the concrete the glow turned into a shadow in the form of a human. It walked across the carpark and came directly in front of the guard whose dog then went berserk and then it stepped to the side and walked past the guard and dog. As it walked past and came closer to the camera the shadow bottom half developed distinct legs and was walking and then disappeared from camera view. It was heading towards the the back entry of the ward.  
The nurse played it again and again and then called everyone to have a look and everyone agreed that it was legs and it was something spooky.
The next night they saw the guard and dragged himside to check out the video and he just went deathly white and it scared him quite a bit because he said that his dog knew something was there.
The video was viewed quite a lot during the next week by heaps of different people and even doctors and noone could find and explaination and everyone agreed it was a ghost. The strange thing was that around the time of this event. about a few minutes later one of the patients who was in the process of dying actually passed away.
This video even had the sceptics wondering.
You know its something big when they are talking about it at other hospitals lol!

I never got to see the footage as unfortunately a psa accidently kicked the computer for the security camera which was on the floor under a bench and totally stuffed it. Everything was wiped  and so now the computer is in this protective thing.
I did ask many people to describe it and they all described the same thing.


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Posted 15 July 2005 - 02:12 AM

Very cool stories you all i would love to read more if you have any.

#24 fighty



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Posted 15 July 2005 - 03:34 AM

Those stories were all amazing!
I agree the dark blob/figure sounds pretty terrifying!
When my gran passed a few years ago, tho, it was quite a different story. She was 91 & had suffered from altzhiemers for about 8 years or so. We knew she was going so some of the family gathered around her hospital bed (i come from a huge family, so only her kids & their partners were with her at the end)
She was, as you can imagine, in & out of consciousness, but just before she left, she looked up & said, in such a happy, emotional voice "Daniel, you came!" Daniel was my grandfather who passed away in the early 70's.
I know its easy to dispute, giving that she had altzhiemers & we don't know if she was dreaming or hallaucinating, but it gave me such a comfortable warm feeling (plus many tears) when my mum told me. I like to believe my grandfather did come to collect her & take her to Heaven.

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Posted 15 July 2005 - 04:52 AM

kissing.gif Great stories, please keep them coming. angel.gif

My grandmother was a nurse and she used to tell us that the floor she worked on was haunted, I wish I could remember some of the stores she told us.

I guess it would stand to reason why a lot of paranormal things happen at hospitals...lots of crossing over..

CarriesGhost angel.gif
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#26 Guest_LadyOfTheNight_*

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Posted 15 July 2005 - 06:35 AM

I used to work as a respiratory therapist and would basically travel to three or four different nursing homes where the company was contracted in the local area.  Because I was on-call, I generally got stuck working midnight shift.

I've only had one personal experience, but it was enough to scare me senseless!  Anyway, the nursing home had two long hallways where the patients' rooms were located and then a connecting hallway between the two.  I was going back to the office after finishing with one of the patients and in the connecting hallway I heard LOUD breathing right over my shoulder in my ear like it was coming from right behind me.  It was deep and really  I laughed and turned around thinking it was one of the nursing assistants goofing off and I was the only one standing there with absolutely no one in sight.  I FREAKED!!  I don't think my legs have ever moved so fast!!

I didn't experience this personally, but was working the night this happened at a different nursing home.  I can't remember if it was one of the nurses or nursing assistants, but they were doing their rounds and entered a lady's room to do whatever it was they had to do.  Anyway, this particular patient was basically completely non-functional.  She never talked, never walked, never made a peep, and would only lie in bed with her eyes open.  As the nurse or nursing assistant entered the room, the lady was down on the floor on her stomach, but up on her arms (basically walking with her arms, if that makes sense) pulling herself across the room towards the girl and was speaking in some sort of language that definitely wasn't English.  The girl, of course, freaked out and when she returned with help, the lady was still in the floor, but just lying there with her eyes open as usual not making a peep.

At the same nursing home where I had my experience, a pregnant nursing assistant was talking with the nurses at the nurse's station.  Witnessed by at least three people, a marker lifted up from the nurse's station and flew across some distance hitting the pregnant girl square in the stomach.  The nurse that told me the story said they had hoped it wasn't a bad omen, but the girl later on had the baby with no complications and the baby was perfectly healthy.

I'm sure I have tons more, it's just remembering them all.  Believe you me, folks, nursing homes and hospitals are EXTREMELY active places and I have proof of that!!!

#27 RavenWing82



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Posted 15 July 2005 - 06:59 AM

Keep the stories coming. I can't get enough of  I really liked the story by fighty.  That is so nice to think your grandfather came for your grandmother as she passed.  That is such a comforting thought.
"We are not human beings on a spiritual jouney. We are spiritual beings on a human journey."
-Stephen R. Covey

#28 Tiggertailz



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Posted 15 July 2005 - 08:12 AM

Wow!  Great stuff!  What's erie for me is I work for the state office of nursing and working on a history document at the moment.  (I'm a admin assistant, not a nurse, btw)  Just makes me wonder what kinds of stories these girls could tell.  I have contact with alot fo them too.  Probably not appropriate to ask around though...

Keep 'em coming!
"As I was waiting on the stair,
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today.
I wish, I wish, he'd go away."

#29 JenTheSuperOne



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Posted 15 July 2005 - 08:30 AM

These are really good! And I agree with just about everyone else - keep 'em coming!

There are a few hospitals here that I'm now wondering if there's been any activity. There's the original building of the insane asylum and I think that would be very interesting to look around in, whether there are ghosts or not. But right now it's in very bad shape and they most likely will not let anyone in. I'd still like to go take pictures of the outside of it. The new building is sort of built around it. There's also the one hospital which I think has been around since WWI. I'm guessing around then because the nurse's residence across the street is from that time. I used to go to both regularly when I was going to therapy for social anxiety. I haven't seen anything, but now I'm wondering if anyone else has. Hmm... I think I may look into that sometime.

#30 Guest_Dark Angel_*

Guest_Dark Angel_*
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Posted 15 July 2005 - 09:41 AM

Great topic, Midnight Blue!   smile.gif
When I worked as a medic, once in a while I used to transport pediatric oncology patients to Stanford's original Children's Hospital.  I got to talking to a couple of nurses there one time, and they told me several stories about children who had passed on at the hospital.
There was one story about two young boys, both cancer patients, who became best friends after they met at the hospital.  I believe both boys were about 9 years old, if I remember correctly.  These boys were inseparable.  One boy succumbed to his cancer, and the second boy also did not too long after.  The nurses told me that at the moment the second boy passed away, at night, a shaft of bright light came through the skylight above the nurse's station and lit it up.  They said that there was no source for the light, and that it only lasted a few moments.  They said that they felt that it was the first boy coming for his best friend.  
It was also common for them to hear the sound of children's footsteps running barefoot up and down the hallways after hours when everyone was asleep.  Giggling was often heard when this happened.  I remember them telling me that it was a group of ghostly children playing Hide and Seek.  They said that they used to leave a bowl of candy out at night after hours for this group, and that the candy would always disappear.

#31 Miriavas


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Posted 15 July 2005 - 10:02 AM

My mother used to be a nurses aid. She said she had a lot of experiences when people were ready to pass. Often they would be talking to people. One nurse who didn't believe in an afterlife was very freaked when they went in and an older lady said  This is my husband so-and-so and this is my daughter. No one was there, of course. My mother just said, "Tell them I'm very happy to meet them, I'm glad they could come for you." She died within the hour.
"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity."~E.A. Poe

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#32 Agnetha



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Posted 15 July 2005 - 10:22 AM

Wow, Dark Angel!

That warmed my heart! It is so sad that they passed on, but to think of thewm being friend forever in the most literal sense is moving. They went through a lot with each other in their short time on earth, so I can imagine the bond they shared was very close.  smile.gif

#33 kohala



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Posted 15 July 2005 - 10:34 AM

I was diagnosed with cancer and  when I went to the hospital to receive treatment I was put in a double room, I had it all to myself though. The first night I was there, an older Doctor came into my room and checked my chart, he didn't say a word, just looked up at me after he was done and nodded in my direction then turned to his left towards the other bed,  walked directly past it and through the wall. I was completely stunned. BUT, I was also on Morphine so I didn't say a word about it thinking I was hallucinating. After about a week ( this continued nightly) I finally got a room mate.

After a couple of night of me seeing this man and her not saying anything I couldn't ignore it any longer. That night after he had checked both our charts, nodded at each of us in turn, then, turned to his left and walked through the wall...I said " Did you see him?" She said " NO I didn't see the ghost-doctor ...!"  

We got along VERY well after that!!

**After some questioning of the nurses, we found out that the wall we kept seeing him exit through was at one time a doorway that led to other patient rooms. When we described the doctor to them, they just nodded and said " He just never stopped doing his rounds." They weren't even surprised by it!

#34 ghosthunter



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Posted 15 July 2005 - 11:29 AM

Thank you very much for making me thing about those stories the next time im in a hospital

#35 midnightblue



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Posted 15 July 2005 - 01:59 PM

I hope you are enjoying these, real stories, as told by nurses.......

Not a hospital story, but told to me by my mum. She used to work at a
photographers, when she was in her late teens or early 20's, so this would be
around 1924. A young woman came in to have her photos taken, but when they were
developed, something had gone wrong, as another woman was in all the pics,
standing just behing the girl. When she came in to look at the proofs, they were
very apologetic, showed her the photos and told her that they would do a retake.

"Oh no! That's my mum! She died six months ago, and we don't have any photos of
I've worked in several nursing homes since 1997, so I've had plenty of run-ins
with restless spirits.

At this one nursing home, there were three different wings.  North, East and
West.  West wing was the "heavy" hall.  Mostly tube-feeders and total care.
East was the Medicare/short-term rehab wing.  Then there was North.  North had a
pretty ecclectic mix of patients of differing levels of acuity.  There was a
short hall and a long hall.  However, to the back of North wing, there was a
long hall that had about ten private rooms, a day room on one end and a small
dining room on the other end.  The residents back on this hall (called 400 hall)
were all ambulatory and even a few "wanderers".

Now, I generally worked from 3-11, but on this particular night, the 11-7 girl
was sick so I was asked to stay.  As I was off the next night, I agreed.  Since
I was working a double, I was given the assignment on 400 hall.  It was an easy
assignment as most of the residents were continent and the few that weren't were
really light weight.

Anyhow, I was sitting in the dining room with the lights off, charting by the
dimmed hall lights when I caught something out of the corner of my eye moving
down the hall.  Thinking it was one of my "wanderers", I looked up and saw what
to this day I still believe was a toddler on a tricycle.  

Let me tell you now, I lost it.  The ADL book went flying and I skittered up the
short hallway to the nurse's station.  I relayed my story to the charge nurse
and she just sort of chuckled at my expression and explained that one of the
residents that had passed away years ago had a grandson that was killed by the
back tires of her car.  He was in the driveway and she didn't see him and backed
right over him.  The night the lady died, she was calling out "Tyler, oh my baby
Tyler.  Nana's coming.".  Then she passed.  

Everyone has come to the conclusion that the toddler on the tricycle still
haunts that hall, looking for his grandma.

Either way, I never worked another 11-7 on 400 hall.

I had a pt in the delivery room one day. She was crowning and pushing as hard as
she can, grunting with the effort. The doctor, the resident and myself were all
giving her encouragement. She was pushing like a trooper! Just as the baby was
being born the pt gasped and turned her head to the left toward the open scrub
room door. She just stared in that direction. (I thought she had a stroke) When
I asked her what was wrong she said "Tim" (don't remember the actual name) was
standing in the door way. I looked over and did not see a thing. She was so
intent on "tim" she did not even ask if it was a boy or girl!
After the delivery was completed we went to the recovery room. All the family
came in to see Mom and the new baby. All the Pt could talk about was seeing
"Tim". She described to them what he was wearing. I aked the family who Tim was
and they said it was her brother who died 6 months before!
I had goosebumps twice that day. Once when the pt said someone was standing in
the doorway. And again when I found out who that someone was! In all my years in
nursing that was the spookiest thing to happen. But in a way it is comforting to
know that those that have passed on, do know what is going on in our lives.
I used to work in a nsg home that had a new part that was only like 4 yrs old
and the old part that we called the "getto" that was about 40 yrs old.  Wierd
stuff always happened in the getto part.  Like we had a pt that was dying and we
had gone in to clean up the room after the family had left for the night and
there was a chair that I specifically remember putting against the wall on the
other side of the room and every time that we came back the chair was up next to
the bed like someone was sitting with her.  

Another thing that happened at that place was there were two comatose pts in the
same room at the end of the hall and one noc, their call light kept going on.  I
kept going in and shutting it off thinking that there was a short or something.
I took the nurse down with me to show her that there was nothing going on in the
room and then after a couple more times the nurse came back down with me again
and the pt had a fiberoptic angel on her top shelf and it just came on by itself
and we were like, there must really be a short and the nurse went to unplug it
in case of a fire hazard and it wasn't plugged in, no lie.
That is so true. I, too am a hospice nurse and  when pts. start talking to their
dead relatives, you know that they have about a week MAX before they are gone.
My own grandfather, when hospitalized and dying, told my father that it was so
nice of the staff to bring his brothers and his childhood home from Germany over
to cheer him up. When my father asked him what he was talking about, he said,
"Look out the window there, you see that house? That was the house where I grew
up in Munich, and those two little boys playing are my brothers Karl and Marc."
My father knew that Karl and Marc were both dead of course, but he looked out
the window and saw a small workmans shed and no children. My grandfather died
that night.  
Where to start? Well I work for a city hosptial in New York as an LPN. I
have just about as many ghostly patients as I do living. It's true the ghostly
ones don't ask for much but they tend to scare my co-workers.
I think my favorite two are the Walker and the Watcher.(these are nick names
I've given them.)
       The walker is a woman who comes down the hall nightly. She's pushing or
pulling an IV pole because I can hear the wheels squeak as she makes her way
down the hall. ( this usually happens when I'm alone. Go figure) If I look right
at her I can't see her but if I look with the corner of my eye I can just make
her out. She's wearing a house gown, not hospital gown.
        Now just in front of the Nurse's station is a large pillar. My ghostly
visitor walks to the pillar and disappears behind it.
     My other ghostly client is the Watcher. This one is a middle age gentlemen.
He looks hispanic and has a small mustashe. He is dressed in a hospital gown and
I usually see him in room two, but only is its unoccupied. This rrom is located
right next to the nurses station. Most of the time he just stands by the doorway
watching the nurses. Some of my co-workers have seen him and are scared, but I
tell them he can't hurt them.
Last night at around 0100 I was changing a resident and had my back to the door.
I heard the knob turn and the woman I was working with said "Come In" and
nothing happened, I turned around and opened the door but there was no one up
anywhere on the unit but the two of us. She told me that she had seen the knob
turning and I heard it very clearly.
This occurred when I was approximatelly 3 or 4 months pregnant.  I had a dream
that I was sitting in a rocking chair nursing my infant.  The room was warm and
encapsulated by a soft summer days light.  This dream was so vivid, I can
remember every detail to this day.  Anyways, as I look down to gaze upon my
little one, he pulled away from nursing and looked up into my eyes w/ a
beautiful smile upon his face.  He had reddish fine, curly hair, fair
complexion, and a small gap between his two upper front teeth.
  Well, what do you know, my son to me appears just as I dreamt about him now.
He looks now just as he did in my dream. The bizarre thing is that I was
clueless in regards to the bonding that occurs w/ breast-feeding and how babies
will all of the sudden look @ you as if saying "Hi, Thank-You for feeding me, I
love you." You mothers out there who have experienced this can attest to this.
A new thread could probably be started on dreams here, but I thought this was
appropriate to share. Thanks for all the wonderful stories, I have a couple of
my own that I'll share another time.  

The link is to the Near Death Experience Research Foundation's website, which
lists accounts of near death and out of body experiences. While not ghost
stories, the accounts lend even more weight to the concept of a soul, spirit or
energy, that persists after bodily functions cease. I find these accounts very
comforting and reassuring, that the essence of who we are continues to learn and
I've never seen any ghosts, or spirits, but I've had some uneasy feelings in 3
separate, old places-----one was the old Naval Hospital in Newport, Rhode
Island; one was the nursing home wing of Long Beach V.A. Hospital, and one was
the cadaver lab in one of the old, (vintage WWII) buildings at Oak Knoll Naval

We used to have our classes in the classrooms adjacent to the cadaver lab, and
we had to go up there at night to study.  I always, always felt as if I was
being "watched" when I was there alone.  It wasn't a peaceful feeling,
either--it was really, really creepy.  Part of our duties in those days ('70s)
was sprinkling those cadavers down with formalin once a week.  I always half
expected to look up one night and see one of them walking zombie like down the
hall toward me, like the zombies in "Night of the Living Dead."  There were only
2 girls and 5 guys in our class, and I always tried to get one of the guys to
study with me at night--they felt the same sense of creepiness, but somehow it
just felt safer with one there.

One last kind of creepy thing---my mom and I weren't particularly close, but I
don't think we had any "issues." She died of anoxic encephalopathy after being
comatose for several days after having an M.I. when she was just 47.  I have
had, since she died in 1981, scary, scary dreams about her---in the dreams, she
is a zombie, coming at me with long, ugly fingernails, and she has fangs.

Now, when I was about 9 or 10, I remember my mom telling me to clean the
bathroom (my Saturday chore) one Saturday morning, and I was arguing with her
that  I wanted to go play with my friends.  She called me an "ingrate."  I told
her there was no such word.  Next thing I know, she had grabbed me from behind
by my ponytail, spun me around, and, as she did it, raked her long, pointed
fingernails (fashionable in the early '60s) across my face.  I think it was
purely an accident; she just wanted to spin me around and show me the word
"ingrate" in the dictionary. LOL, I had 5 bloody fingernail scratches on my face
for days--but, in those days, that wasn't unusual.  I can remember kids coming
to school with a palm print across their faces after being slapped for "smarting
off" to THEIR moms.

My husband tells me I must obviously have unresolved "issues" with my mom, but I
really don't---in fact, that incident never bothered me.  My mom had a horrific
childhood (her earliest memory was coming home from kindergarten and finding HER
mom dead; kneeling on the floor; head in a gas oven, a la Sylvia Plath) and she
and her brother and sisters were all sent to different orphanages because their
father was a long distance trucker and apparently couldn't or didn't want to
take care of them anymore.  So, I just figured she had her own inner
demons----she was never intentionally abusive to any of us, and no one ever
would have considered that "child abuse" in the '60s, anyway--in fact, I figured
it served me right for "smarting off" to her.

I would like to believe that you are greeted by loved ones when it is your time
to pass.  I also believe that we have angels and loved ones watching after us.
My grandfather was getting ready to leave for China on a 3 week vacation and the
night before he was scheduled to leave,he fell, hit his head on a concrete step
splitting his head open above his left eye as well as breaking his left wrist.
While in the hospital they discovered a much bigger problem... three days later
he had a triple bipass.  He and I both believe that my grandmother helped in his
"fall."  He doesn't do subtly so she had to knock him on his butt to get the
message.  Whether it was her or not, it saved his life.  His doctor said he was
a heart attack minutes from happening and would not have survived his trip to
When I worked in a nursing home we had a resident that was unpleasant to say the
least. One day I was on bell duty (it was my responsibility to answer all the
bells for 2 hours), and the man rang his bell and told me that there was a black
dog under his bed. I looked under the bed, but there was nothing there. I
thought that he could have possibly seen a dog because it was a hot day, and the
front door to the home was open. I told him that the dog must have gone out of
the door before I arrived. He rang the bell again a short time later, insisting
that he could see a dog under the bed, again I couldn't see anything. This
carried on. He became quite hysterical on one occasion shouting that the black
dog under his bed was trying to bite him, and that it had red eyes. He looked
terrified, and I couldn't calm him down for ages until the dog had disappeared.
I handed over what happened to the nurse in charge, and went home as it was the
end of my shift. The next day I was on an afternoon shift, and found out that the man had died not long after I had gone
It really freaked me out. He was a very unpleasant man, and I often wondered if
the dog was there to take him away to you know where. One i'll never forget
OK, I've been putting off posting this one because I thought someone would laugh
at me, but here goes.  

I was living by myself in Greenville, NC while I was a student at ECU (this was
around 1994).  I was sitting on the couch watching TV and thinking about what a
horrible week I had had.  I had recently broken up with a physically  abusive
ex-fiance and was going through all the problems that brings.  I actually had
hit a pretty low point and felt as though the only friend I had in the world was
my ferret, Tigger.

Well, I was slunked down on the couch, feeling completely alone, when suddenly I
had this feeling I WASN'T alone.  At the end of the couch was a recliner and I
suddenly was convinced SOMEONE was sitting in the recliner.  I sat up on the
couch (as you can imagine), and stared at the chair, scared to death.  About
that time, Tigger ambled out of the bedroom and STOPPED in the middle of the
floor.  She was staring right at the recliner and would not go any further.  In
fact, she backed up a couple of steps.

That did it.  Very calmly I said out loud that whoever was in the chair was
really scaring us and we'd like to not be scared.  (I know - WHAT does that
mean?)  Suddenly I heard myself say, "Grandpa?  Is that you?"  I wasn't scared
anymore, and Tigger actually took a step towards the chair.  "I'm OK, Grandpa -
I'll be OK," I said, not really aware that I'd intended to say anything.  (My
grandfather died in 1992.)  Tigger walked AROUND the chair, about two feet from
it, and did not take her eyes off of it as she walked.  No kidding.  Just a
couple of seconds later I felt alone again - well, alone except for the ferret,
who literally gave the chair a wide berth for the rest of the evening.  She
wouldn't go near the thing.

I have no doubt that animals can see and hear things we can't.  I've always
believed that.

Since my dad passed away in April, sometimes when I'm alone in the house
watching TV I feel like there's someone standing behind me (our couch sits
between two entryways into the living room and one goes into the kitchen).
Daddy used to lean in the entryway and keep an eye on the TV while he was
waiting for my microwave to heat his water for coffee (he drank that instant
stuff!).  And sometimes at Mama's house I'll smell a new pack of cigarettes - you
know, that smell when the wrapper first comes off?  Daddy smoked for years,
although he kicked his two pack a day habit ages ago.  (He used to sneak one now
and again in the bathroom like a kid, and spray the place with Glade.  It was
both sad and hilarious.)  Mama has never smoked a day in her life.  

That's my creepy stuff - so far.  Rather tame next to all these great tales!
I work in a 9 bed ccu that we night shift nurses swear is
haunted!! I personally have seen figures standing in doorways late at night.
Blinds in pt's windows go up by themselves, callbells come on when room is
unoccupied. One night, another nurse and myself were giving a bath when the tv
starting flipping through all the channels. The remote for the tv was behind her
on a stand. Another time she was giving a bath by herself to a t/v, sedated and
restrained pt. She was down on her haunches tying his restraint when she felt
someone or something run their fingers through her hair. The pt was on 100mcg/kg
of diprivan so it was not him and there was not anyone with her in the room. The
scariest one is one night we admitted a pt into room 9. After we had gottn her
into bed, she looked at the wall in front of her and asked what was on the wall.
We looked and here was bright red blood running down the wall. Needless to say
we checked ourselves, the pt and the er per!
sonnel had not left the floor and no one had a fresh cut or open area on them.
Well, the week before a young lady had died in that room. She came in to the
hospital c/o abd pain. She ended having a upper endo and perfed someting. She
had projectile vomited blood all over that wall and floor. It was horrible. the
nurses on that night said it looked like a slaughterhouse. I still get chills
just thinking about it!
My creepiest and scariest ghost story for me happened about a year ago. It
really was more of a posession than a ghost story. I was helping another nurse
with a patient that had lived a very hard life. It had numerous things going on
with him from cardiac to renal failure. You name it, he had it going on. This
man was very much afraid to die. Every time his heart monitor beeped, he would
just go into a rage screaming, "Don't let me die! Don't let me die!" The other
nurse and I found out why he didn't want to die. About 0200 his cardiac monitor
starts alarming V-Tach. We both rush into the room. I am pulling the crash cart
behing me. When I get to the room, the other nurse is completely white. This man
was sitting about 2 inches above the bed and was laughing. His whole look
completely changed. His eyes just had a look of pure evil on them and he had
this evil smile on his face. He laughed at us and said, " You stupid b****es
aren't going to let me die will you?" and he laugh!
ed again. We were kinda frozen. I did reach up and hit the Code Blue button and
when I did the man went into V-fib. He crashed back onto the bed. We started
coding him, but after 20 minutes it was called. 5 minutes after the code was
called several of the code team is in the room cleaning up when this man sits
straight up in the bed and says, " You let him die. Too bad." and then begins
laughing. The man collapsed back to the bed. We heard a horrible, agonizing
scream ( actually every patient in the unit that night commented on the scream),
and then you could hear "don't let me die" being whispered throughout the unit.
Everyone of the nurses that night was pale and scared. No body went anywhere by
themselves. By morning the whispers of "don't let me die" were gone. The night
shift nurses had a prayer service in the break room before we left for home and
then we all had nightmares for weeks.

Here's another related link about near death experiences. This one includes
articles by some of the leading near death researchers, including Melvin Morse,
Dr. Ray Moody and the late Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, as well as links to accounts
by near death experiencers:
All right; I can resist no longer.  Not a ghost story, but a kind of
premonition, perhaps.  

My brother, age 20, had been sick for a week with "the flu" when I left for
college in 1972 at age 17.  Several days later, I hear from my folks that he is
in the hospital and has survived a close call with a ruptured appy.  (He had
been to the doc at least once, if not twice, during this week.  But that's
another story, as the doc was later disciplined by the state medical society for
failure to provide minimal care - not my brother's case.)  I was angry with my
folks for years for not telling me what was transpiring, but I am mature enough
now to realize that they thought they were doing the best thing by not adding to
my stress level.

Anyway, the next day, suddenly, without a shadow of a doubt, I KNEW that he had
died.  I actually hid in a campus building where I knew no one would think to
look for me so I could spend a couple hours alone, crying, before I felt ready
to face those who would be coming to fetch me and send me home.  Which is
exactly what happened.  My boyfriend-at-the-time had looked for me on another
floor of that building, and, unable to find me, was waiting for me at the bike
rack outside my dorm when I returned.  My brother's death was totally unexpected
- pulmonary embolism after ambulating in the hall with his fiance; they were to
be married in one month.  A tragedy all around.

Another weird thing that I have shared (until now) only with my sister:

About a month after his death, I had a very vivid dream.  On a bright, sunny
day, with puffy white clouds in an azure sky, I find myself walking down a
street.  Obviously a new street, as only new construction is visible.  Several
houses are going up, with many busy workmen about, and I hear the sounds of
their talking and hammering as they pound nails in the wall partitions going up.
As I pass the first house, my brother jumps down from the open first floor where
he is either working or supervising and steps out to greet me.  He motions to
the house and tells me that he is building this house and that, when it is
finished, I will come and live with him there.
That's all I remember, but it is the ONLY dream I've ever had that I can
remember for more than a day or two - and this is 33 years later (yep, I'm
"mature").  I cannot share this with anyone, for it makes me cry to think of it,
which it does now.  A few years ago, I finally shared it with my sister, who
says she has had the same dream.  I am convinced (and comforted by the thought)
that when it is my time to pass, my brother will be there to greet me.

My grandpa died last Feburary and as he was dying my mom was sitting with him
and he called out to his cousin who died years ago. My mom said it was like he
was seeing her and told him to go see her, which he did as he died minutes

I don't think he went far though as my grandma woke up a few weeks ago to
"hear" someone humming a song she knew. She got up and turned all the lights on
in the house but she could still hear it, then she realized she could hear my
grandpa singing a hymn that they both loved. She started singing with him and
they sung the whole hymn together and then the sound stopped. She said that she
was not scared at all and just feels that grandpa was telling her he was alright
and was still looking out for her. The thing is that grandma is totally deaf
without her hearing aids in and doesn't wear them to bed but she heard grandpa
and knows she was fully awake durring this experience.
I've shared this story on another thread but I believe my daughter gets visited
by her great-grandmother.  She used to tell us stories about her Nana all of the
time which is funny because Nana died two days after my daughter was born.  
Before she died though, she used to tell me to hurry up and give her a baby
girl.  She was so excited about having a great granddaughter.

The most alarming story began when my daughter was 2.5 years old.  She came to
me and told me that her Nana was taking care of her little brother and that he
would be coming to live with us soon.  I laughed her off because my husband and
I were taking every precaution, outside of abstinence, to avoid a pregnancy.  I
always knew within the first three weeks if I were expecting and there were no
symptoms.  Anyhow, after a couple of months I started feeling weird.  I went to
the doctor for a checkup and he decided to do a pregnancy test.  The test came
back negative.  I started taking vitamins and trying to get some extra sleep
because I was really dragging.  I kept feeling this way for about another month,
and I missed my period, so I went back to the doctor.  Another pregnancy test,
another negative result.  We chalked it up to the financial stress we were
under.  He gave me some medication to bring my period on.  After about two weeks
the period didn't come but I kept rememb!
ering my daughter telling me about her little brother.   Even if the tests had
come back positive, my husband and I figured we would terminate the pregnancy
because we were in no position to care for another child.  I actually called
some clinics to get information about the procedure because I've never had one
and wanted to be informed.  After finishing the medication, I went back to the
doctor.  He gave me another pregnancy test, this one came back positive.  I was
immediately scheduled for an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok.  I found
out I was 4.5 months pregnant. Too far along for me to feel ok about
terminating.   I also found out the baby was a boy.  I was floored.  Nana told
my daughter that she had my baby boy, waiting for him to come home.  She still
tells us stories about her Nana but she seems to be more uncomfortable now that
she is 9 years old.
When I was 13, my great-grandfather was in a Nursing Home, and I was visiting.
When it was time to go, I said "I'll see ya tomorrow Papa, I love you!"  He
replied "I won't be here tomorrow, I'm going home tonight."  I tried to reassure
him that "this is your new home"  He said convinced, "No I'm going to my real
home tonight."  He passed Away before morning.  

I also believe he spoke to me years later when I was 19 years old, when I was
traveling a curvy, country road in January that had been icy, but melted for
several days.  I was in a straight away and heading for a curvy section, when I
heard "you really need to slow down!" in a familiar voice.  I heeded the warning
and hit a 20 ft ice patch at 25 miles an hour and accelerated to 55+ according
to State Patrol estimates before hitting an embankment head-on and flipping the

My Daddy told his sister and brother in law that he was going to have the family
all together for Halloween in Oct. 2003. (He had been diagnosed with prostate
and bone cancer in Jan of 2001 and given only 6 months.) On Oct 30th, (week
after my sister from Maine, and 1 day after her husband arrived) he took his
last breaths.  He had ACTUALLY "planned" his death so to speak. He had only his
wife, children (and husbands), grandchildren and a few chosen others by his side
for his death.

My mom is convinced that daddy kicked her in the shin, causing her blood clot in
June of 2004 when she was telling my uncle about her plans for fixing up the
house.  She said she felt like someone kicked her in the shin, and two days
later she was in the hospital with a blood one saw anything, and she
was sitting on her front porch!  She convinced herself it was Daddy telling her
she needed to slow down!


I’ve been working in two huge hospitals, three clinics, and an ambulance system
as paramedic as well. I heard ghost-stories everywhere. Anyway I guess the most
relevant are the latest ones. We have a ghost on our third flour called “the
blond of the third” she used to dress herself as a nurse and perform nursing

The most relevant aspect of “the blond” is that no nurse or doctor has ever seen
her but our patients. Generally, they use to say something like: “The blond
nurse has told me…” or “few minutes ago a blond nurse gave me my medication”.

Some related that she has no legs, I mean; she floats on the air and so on.  
I don’t know what you would think about it.
Anyone of us did pay much attention to it. No one got in panic. Just heard the
repeated stories from our patients one and another time without adding much

These things might happen, specially where people die every day.  It means
nothing anyway. Just a tale to tell.  Nothing will change our reality, our daily
affairs. Our miseries.  

We joke about it but don’t pay to that much credit. We’re nurses, busy and tired
to give such things much energy.
It was the middle of the Month of April 1995. I was working at a LTC facility,
and had gone outside to smoke a cigarette with a coworker. Being the middle of
April in Oklahoma you tend to see some strange cloud formations. My friend and I
saw these clouds that looked like the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and they
were headed toward OKCity. We thought nothing about it except it was a very
strange cloud formation. The 19th of April (which was about 3-4 days later) we
had the bombing of our Federal Building. Coincidence? I don't know. But like my
heading says-this is the first time I have ever told anyone except my husband. I
don't know if Sharlene told anyone or not. I'm not sure if any one would believe
me or not!
What a cool thread.  I personally believe that when some patients are in the
dying process and they call out names of dead relatives or friends that it is
not always dilusional.  I do believe that they are seeing someone help them to
the other side.  Five years ago, when my mother in law was in her last days in
the hospital, she would frequently call out to her grandmother who had been
deceased for many years.  My MIL was mentally sound, but her physical condition
became worse after she had heart surgery.  She was very close to her grandmother
because she had raised her.
Here's my story,

The ER was swamped this day.  Ambulance called in with a chest pain, minute
later a second chest pain, a minute after that a third, and a fourth.  After all
four had been brought in a code was called in the ICU.  Our code team responded.  

Our 3rd chest pain ended up going over to cath lab he was in bad shape.  After
he was wheeled past me, I looked back into the room.  The pt. stood against the
shelves looking at the doors behind my back.  I looked behind me to see his wife
come through the doors.  Looking back in the room, there was no one there.  

Two minutes later a code was called in the cath lab.  He died.

I have to add a quick story here though while not about a ghost, it still gives
me goosebumps.

Several years ago while working as a hospice RN we received a referral for a
lady dying of breast cancer.  I called her for weeks trying to get her to allow
me to come to her house and tell her about hospice.  She politely refused each
time, assured me that she didn't need help, blah, blah, blah.   I'd call again
and again and get nowhere.  Her PCP was frantic and insisted that I go anyway
and show up unannounced, which I did.  Her husband answered the door and let me
come in after I explained my mission and he led me to her bedroom.  She started
laughing when I came in and introduced myself and said "Oh, it's YOU. I would
have let you come out weeks ago if I had known it was YOU!"  I was totally
confused as I had never laid eyes on her so I ask her how we knew each other.
She calmly replied "you don't know me but I know you, I dream about you every
night".  She then went on to tell me that for weeks she'd been having dreams
about me and the husband agreed that she had talk!
ed of little else.  

Let me tell you that I was FREAKED OUT but I kept my composure until I left and
then I was just shaking.  The patient was very nonchalant about it and didn't
think it at all odd.  The end of the story is that I did indeed become her
hospice nurse and cared for her for several months until she died.  Lovely funny
woman that I will remember until I die!  smile.gif  
This just happened today.  One of our residents had returned from the hospital
with a dx of end stage renal failure about 3 weeks ago.  Thought for sure she
was going to die right after I left one night.....vitals poor (resp. 6), she's
pale, Cheyne Stoke-ing.  Well, she kept coming out of it.  This morning, she did
it again....came out of her decline, looked at the nurse next to her bed, and
stated quite clearly, "I am dying now."  Put her head down, and died
My dad used to be a chef and he made the best homemade gravy!! Well after a long
illness he passed away last july and for thanksgiving that year, everybody was
quite bummed that he wasn't here to celebrate with us. So I decided to try to
make the gravy, and I'm standing at the stove trying to remember how he did it
when i just got the overwhelming feeling of someone standing behind me and
looking over my shoulder!!. I really think my dad was coaching me on how to make
gravy. Also about 4 months ago, I had a dream with my dad standing in front of
me at a party and even though i could hear him talking and laughing, his lips
were not moving, then he held out his arms and we hugged and i could smell his
aftershave and he said it's all right now. I mean my dad was not one for hugging
and showing his love but you always knew he did and i believe that he just
wanted to finally show it.
We had a resident that was ill and she told the nurse that she would die on July
4th, this has been a few years back, well July 4th came and they got her up for
Breakfast then lunch and then finally at supper time she slumped over in her
chair and when they checked sure enough she was dead. Freaky!
here are a few stories:

Patients in our psych ward frequently complain to staff that they hear babies
crying at night and one patient even saw baby footprints on the ceiling of her
room one night - well, the OB department used to be in that space decades ago
and is now in a totally different building across town (we have 2 different
campuses to our hospital)

My best friend's grandfather died unexpectedly when we were in high school and
her older sister, Lise, was very sad because she was 7-8 mos pregnant and her
child would have been his first great-grandchild. A few weeks after the baby was
born, Lise's husband was working 11-7 and she had the baby in a bassinet at the
foot of her bed. She woke up suddenly and saw a figure at the end of the bed
looking into the bassinet and she called "Randy (her husband) - is that you?"
The figure looked up and she saw it was her grandfather, wearing the old plaid
cap that he always wore and he said in his Scottish accent "It's ok  - it's just
me, Granda. I just wanted to see my great-grandchild. He's just beautiful." And
then he disappeared. The baby never woke up at all through all of this.

I had a patient die slowly on my shift, surrounded by family. At various times
of the day, he would call out names of family members who were already dead and
comment on them in some way. For example, he called out "Hey Joe, you still
smell! How about that?" and he started laughing. (Apparently, Uncle Joe had
arthritis really bad in his shoulders and used to slather himself with some
really strong smelling ointment) All day, he did this without opening his eyes.
It freaked the family out at first, but they got used to it and I think it
helped them let go of him because they knew he was going to be going to where
family was.

My mother's father was comatose and dying. My parents were living literally on
the other side of the country (in Canada) and they were hauling butt to get home
before he died. (On a side note, my grandfather was very fastidious and always
made sure his hair was just so and he was clean-shaven his whole life - which
wasn't always easy to pull off since he was a logger and worked away from home
for weeks a time in logging camps.) Anyway, my parents got to the hospital and
my grandmother told him who had come - my mother is the oldest but the only one
who didn't live local. He hadn't opened his eyes for days but he opened his eyes
to look at my parents and then closed them again. He lived through the night and
in the morning, the nurses came in and cleaned him up and he hadn't been shaved
in a day or two so they did that too. 5-10 minutes after he was cleaned up, with
my grandmother and all 6 kids around him, he opened his eyes, nodded and died. I
think he was waiting for my mom and also didn't want to die unshaven.
This isn't hospital related (I just graduated and I hope I don't run into any
ghosts too soon...I have enough to worry about already!), but it is a ghost
story.  Actually, it's a story that happened to my best friend several years
ago.  About 14 years ago her hubby was worked for the air force and they were
stationed at Edwards Air Force Base (where the shuttle lands).  Anyway, her Mom
had come out to visit and they were driving off of the base pretty late at
night.  Well, according to her, at Edwards in order to get off the base you have
to drive for miles and miles through the desert and it is, of course, very very
dark at night.  So, they're driving through the desert she and her Mom and her
son is in the back of the car when her headlights light up a guy walking on the
side of the road way up ahead.  He's got on a flight suit and he's carrying his
helmet in his hand down next to his body.  When they're getting closer to him,
her Mom turned to her and suggested that maybe!
they should pick him up.  My friend agreed and when they both brought their
eyes back to the road he had vanished.  She said it was the weirdest thing that
has ever happened to her.  They both just kind of looked at each other with
shocked faces.  The thing about Edwards AFB is that they do a lot of test
piloting for planes out there and several planes have gone down in the desert
killing men over the years.  Anyway, that's just another story to scare you
before you go to bed tonight.

I worked night shift. One night, it was 1:00 am we just finished our rounds, so
we sat in the nurse station, talking about the resident that just die that day.
All of the sudden we heard a little girl screaming and it seems she is running.
We just look at each other. and we searched each room, maybe we forgot to turn
off the TV somewhere.  We found nothing, so we went back to the nurse
station. this time we heard it again, but it seems its running toward us. I did
not say anything,   I just want to get out of that station. We told that
story to other staff, they just laughed. Well, the next 3 nights they
experienced it too.
Being an RN since 1980 has given me many an interesting experience. However, the
most 'moving' one is actually a personal paranormal one involving my father.

My father became seriously ill for over a year before dying September 18th,
1997.  Dad's admitting DX was one of a severe stroke leaving him unable to
speak. I was the only adult child living in the same town as Dad and his second
wife (my Mom died when I was 27; Dad remarried a widow on September 17th, 1988).
My sister (Patty) came to visit with my Dad as I had called her to let her know
that I "sensed" he would die soon (his VS were most transient in addition to
recent onset of "Doll's eye" syndrome).  Patty went to the hospital with my
youngest son (Michael) to visit our Dad (I took a much needed night off from
visiting Dad that night and instead gave my attention to my husband and other
family matters).

Patty and Michael returned from their visit very peaceful yet sad as they too
"felt" Dad would soon be passing away.  My father's wife was not feeling well
and thus she didn't visit Dad that day either.  As I was talking with my sister
that night I noticed a red streak on her naturally blond hair---> it (the red
streak) wasn't readily apparent **until** she brushed through her hair as she
was talking.  I asked Patty if she somehow had lipstick within her hair and she
was perplexed as to why I was asking such a seemingly absurd question!  When she
went to the bathroom to see for herself what I was talking about she didn't have
a logical explanation either.  The red streak was dominant on the left side of
her head/hair looking at her from the front.  Despite attempting to wash the
'streak' out of her hair it simply wouldn't go away.... Again, we both attempted
to bring logical explanations to this 'phenomena'; to no avail!
The following day Patty returned to Florida with peace in her heart that she had
been fortunate enough to spend time with Dad; although she too felt "sad" to
leave.  On September 17th, 1997 the family celebrated Dad's 9th wedding
anniversary with his wife despite both of them not being in the best of health
(to say the least). They loved one another and all of us "kids" so much; what a
tribute to life they gave to us!!!
During the night (early morning hours of September 18th) the hospital called me
and said that my father had taken a "turn for the worse, please come in ASAP".
When we arrived at the hospital it turned out that my father had a brain
anuerysm ("bleed") that couldn't be stopped.  This diagnosis seems to have been
"picked up" via Patty's visit (remember the unexplained 'red streak') only hours
before Dad's physical death.  My father's PCP had started a MS drip to bring
comfort and this was also consistent with his living will (no heroics, DNR
status).  Dad's wife accompanied my family to the hospital and she was able to
help him pass into the next world with her soothing voice and loving touch.

I believe that the "red streak" discovered on Patty's hair was the way my Dad
communicated with us that he was dying (he was asymptomatic at the time of this
DX (cerebral bleed).  Dad was also able to 'communicate' nonverbally to Lee (his
wife) that he was so fortunate to have had 9 years of a truly beautiful marriage
with a woman he loved dearly. You see, Dad died the day **following** his 9 year
anniversary to seems his inner will wanted to complete 9 years of
I realize that this 'story' is not apparently a spooky one yet it definitely is
one that makes me think how much in life we cannot explain....  

Lee died almost one year after Dad died at the young age of 66 from lung cancer
yet she had never smoked a cigarettte in her life!  I know that statistically
15% of all lung cancers are not tobacco related but nevertheless it remains
"odd" to me that she would have this kind of DX and a rapid death as a result.

I have had many a perplexing situation over my 25 year career yet the one with
my Dad still is so fresh in my mind. I hope this 'story' gives one comfort and
hope that our loved ones continue to communicate despite seemingly horrible DX's
and resulting consequences....

Dad lived his life with the motto that one should live passionately and with the
knowledge that anything is possible; one has to visualize their dream and "make
things happen."  I remain grateful for this experience and again I trust this
touches your heart as you go out and give care to those so in need of our loving
and skilled nursing care!!!
These are only a few of the experiences that I have had. It would take alot of
time and too much space to recount all of them.  

I have, on numerous occasions, had very strong feelings about death.
Usually, I only know who they are about if I am in close proximity of the person
when I have them.  My step-grandmother slipped into an comatose/
unconscious state and remained there for months. The doctors did not expect any
change, so my parents had decided to go on vacation as they had planned.  I
lived out of town, and went with my mother to visit her at the nursing home one
day.  My grandmother was unconscious, but I felt a pull, a draw, a connection,
and a feeling of communication with my step-grandmother. She made a few noises,
like she was trying to communicate verbally, but did not regain consciousness.
I felt myself, opening up to her in communication and thinking " It's ok if you
want to let go, if you are ready,go now and rest in peace".  My mother and I
left, and before we did I told my mother that they need to postpone their trip
for a few days--that something was going to happen with my stepgrandmother.  We
had only been home a few hours when my aunt called and said that my
step-grandmother had passed away that afternoon.  

Recently, my uncle, who was diabetic and had heart surgery within the last year
or so, moved from another state to live near his sisters (my mother and the same
aunt).  I again, was down on a visit and we went by to see him.
I sat down beside him, while my aunt and mother stood talking accross from him.
He was conscious and talking.  I had the same very strong feeling and
knew that something was going to happen.  He was my favorite uncle so I tried to
ignore the feelings and hoped that I was wrong.  He asked me to stop by and
visit him on my way out of town the next day, and I did.  I  am soo glad that I
did.  The following monday, after he spoke to his best friend (from the state
he had just moved from) he passed away.  

I recently went to an assisted living facility for an interview.  The
interviewer was running behind schedule and I had to wait for about 45 minutes.
As I sat there, I got the feeling. It was very overwhelming, almost unbearable.
I almost did not wait for the interview.  I was so relieved to get out of

This dosen't really qualify as a creepy ghost story...but more of an after
death decide...its one of things that got me going to get into
school...just got my more year and I'll have my RN

  I was a CNA for 8 years.  My first job, actually the place that I got my
training as a CNA through was a ltc...they had a ward called SCU...special care was a psycheward.

  It was the scene of the most endearing and rewarding years. I worked with pt
with schizophrenia, ocd, Huntington's chorea, and all types of mental and
behavior disorders....I never had any problems...I took the time to get into
their world and find out how to communicate with them.

  We had one pt in particular that was brutal!  He had lung cancer that had
metastized to his brain.  He was ONRY!  We had to take his cowboy boots away
from him because he would put them on , holler he was going to kick everyones
@##!...and he would try.  He also had a colostomy that he was fond of ripping
off and throwing at the wall if you pushed him to hard or if he was just in a
mood.  This poor guy always looked awful, because and I don't blame them,
dayshift was too affraid to shave, bath, or do too much with him.  It took me
several months, but he did let me in...he talked kindof like a robot...when he
did talk..with me he acutally said "Ma'am" and so on.  Anyway he would let me
shave and clean him up either during my pm or night shift...we would talk about
fishin and ridin horses and all kinds of things...the first time he threw his
colostomy at the wall and told me to @##@! off Ma'am, I got him out of bed and
made him clean up the mess...he actuall smiled when he g!
ot back in bed and said to me "Boy, you don't take my ##$! Ma'am, I like that
about mama never took it either!"  He would onlly eat for me in the
night, and it wasn't much...I could tell his end was near...He did manage to
dump a chocolate milk shake over my head at one time...I don't know how to
explain it, but I think he was more therapy for me than I for him....I know, a
crazy for a Crazy...I was the joke of the staff..but I didn't care...anyway he
passed away on a Friday...I had the weekend off and I had a feeling he wouldn't
be there Monday...but that Friday night, before I knew he had passed I had the
most wonderful visit from dream was this

I found myself in a cafeteria....could not figure out why I was there, I was
looking through the crowd and the people and just couldn't figure it
out..suddenly I see "him, my pt" waving me over...I walked over and he looked
fabulous...all duded up from head to toe, including his favorite cowboy
boots...he had three trays of food in front of him...all his favorites...He
grinned ear to ear and looked as I imagine he did before he was riddled with
disease.....he grinned up at me and said "Howdy Ma'am...I just had to let you
know I am okay.....after all these years I am were my friend and I
will never forget if you won't" and he winked and went back to eating....I woke
up and was smiling and crying at the same time....It was especially great to see
him in clothes, he had to wear these one piece jumpsuits because he had a habbit
at one time of getting naked and wondering around..

I think of him often and feel that this is probably the most important type of
job we as nurses will do....just to be there for somone who has no one, and take
the time to find a way to communicate...

this is more of a nurse-ghost story rather than one with patient experiences.

a sanatorium named Fort San was built in 1917 to house people with tuberculosis.
one night, a nurse wrapped a bedsheet around her neck and hung herself.

The place was closed down in 1972, and is now a hotspot for school trips and
such.  Since it was reopened to the public as sort of a museum, there have been
stories about "sightings", with a nurse walking the halls of the old sanitorium.

I've included a picture to try and 'up the creep factor'
While I was in nursing school, I worked in the ICU as a tech.  Another tech and
I were bathing a pt one evening who had been unresponsive for several days and
was expected to pass away "anytime".  We turned her slightly to wash her back
and she opened her eyes, looked THROUGH the other tech and said, "No wow, not
tonite.  Come back tomorrow."  Closed her eyes again and returned to her
previous state of conciousness.  We reported this to the RN who was charged with
the pt, and she smiled politely at the simple little techs who must have
imagined a dying pt talking  
The next day we came in and almost exactly 24 hours from when we had experienced
the situation, the RN was in the room with the pt and the pt once again opened
her eyes, looked through the RN, and said, "Yes wow, I will go with you."
Closed her eyes and died.  

It was very peaceful and very creepy.

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Posted 15 July 2005 - 02:13 PM

I have one.

My mother and grandmother worked as Nurses in a hospital a little up state from where we live. One night, when my grandmother was working the late shift. My grandmother was watching a patient in critical care, when she saw a flickering coming from doorway. As she looked over, what she described as a fireball passed by the door and disapeared up the hall, leaving a cold chill behind it.

The next day she discovered one of the patients down the hall had passed away in the middle of the night. This wing was for the elderly and it was just thier time. My grandmother had told me that she got a feeling of evil from the sight of the floating ball, and, being a strictly christian woman, was convinced it was a demon coming for the soul of the deceased.

Whether it was a demon, or the soul itself, I don't know. But stories like the one my grandmother told are common among nurses, and chilling none the less.

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See more here.................

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See more here..............

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You all could have made alot of money with that video!!!
Great story

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kohala, I hope your treatment will get rid of your cancer........xoxoxo

Thank you all for sharing your stories!!