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Ghost Stories As Told By Nurses....

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#41 midnightblue



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Posted 15 July 2005 - 02:47 PM

Thanks for sharing your story!

#42 white orchid

white orchid


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Posted 15 July 2005 - 04:47 PM

When I worked in a nursing home we had a resident that was unpleasant to say the
least. One day I was on bell duty (it was my responsibility to answer all the
bells for 2 hours), and the man rang his bell and told me that there was a black
dog under his bed. I looked under the bed, but there was nothing there. I
thought that he could have possibly seen a dog because it was a hot day, and the
front door to the home was open. I told him that the dog must have gone out of
the door before I arrived. He rang the bell again a short time later, insisting
that he could see a dog under the bed, again I couldn't see anything. This
carried on. He became quite hysterical on one occasion shouting that the black
dog under his bed was trying to bite him, and that it had red eyes. He looked
terrified, and I couldn't calm him down for ages until the dog had disappeared.
I handed over what happened to the nurse in charge, and went home as it was the
end of my shift. The next day I was on an afternoon shift, and found out that the man had died not long after I had gone
It really freaked me out. He was a very unpleasant man, and I often wondered if
the dog was there to take him away to you know where. One i'll never forget

i have often heard of black dogs being symbolic of harbingers of death.

scariest one is one night we admitted a pt into room 9. After we had gottn her
into bed, she looked at the wall in front of her and asked what was on the wall.
We looked and here was bright red blood running down the wall. Needless to say
we checked ourselves, the pt and the er per!
sonnel had not left the floor and no one had a fresh cut or open area on them.
Well, the week before a young lady had died in that room. She came in to the
hospital c/o abd pain. She ended having a upper endo and perfed someting. She
had projectile vomited blood all over that wall and floor. It was horrible. the
nurses on that night said it looked like a slaughterhouse. I still get chills
just thinking about it!

soooo creepy!

i love these stories!  keep them coming, please!

#43 Vlawde



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Posted 15 July 2005 - 04:50 PM

Spent almost an hour here at work reading those stories, very nice!

Where did you find them all?
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#44 Lunachilde


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Posted 15 July 2005 - 05:33 PM

I'm not a nurse, but I have to add in.

My husbands aunt Shirley became very sick several years ago, and was moved to a nursing home. We all knew that it was just going to be a matter of time before she left.

Now Shirley was a ticket! A type-A kick in the pants, if you know what I mean. She was widowed young, never had any children, and had to know everything (and I mean everything) that was going on. She was almost a stereotypical busybody old lady.

Shirley passed on Mother's Day, and we got the phone call from one of my sisters-in-law. She, her daughter, and another SIL had been visiting Shirley, who had been basically unconcious for a few days. They had been getting ready to leave when Shirley suddenly sat straight up in bed, opened her eyes, and looked up at someone that she could apparently see standing at the end of the bed. The she said: "Are you sure?" Pause "OK. I'm ready. Let's go."

Then she lay back down in the bed, closed her eyes, and left.

We don't know who came to get her, but we hope that they knew just what they were getting themself into. Because where ever she ended up going, with her personality, she was probably running the place within 24 hours!  laugh.gif (We teased her, but we loved her a lot!)

I believe in what I've seen...

#45 Guest_Dark Angel_*

Guest_Dark Angel_*
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Posted 15 July 2005 - 07:00 PM

We already have a thread going with stories like this, so we're going to lock this one and merge it with the other thread so we can keep them all together.  Great stories!   smile.gif

#46 DaphneCat



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Posted 15 July 2005 - 09:11 PM

One of my clients lost her father several years ago.  He was a pastor, and he was slowly dying.  They hoped to keep him comfortable.  On his last day, he was in and out of sleep.  When he woke up he told his family that angels were all around him.  He said it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

#47 Vlawde



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Posted 16 July 2005 - 06:57 AM

Doh! nevermind

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Posted 16 July 2005 - 09:45 AM

Great stories! I love them! Please keep them coming.
"We are not human beings on a spiritual jouney. We are spiritual beings on a human journey."
-Stephen R. Covey

#49 Guest_HelenaHandBaskettGStudy_*

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Posted 16 July 2005 - 09:56 AM

Hey guys, if they thread's a bit hard to follow in the last part of it, it's due to the merging of the 2 threads. When we merge threads, the board automatically puts them in chronological order. smile.gif

#50 midnightblue



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Posted 07 August 2005 - 07:14 AM

The floor that I worked on as a new graduate was part of the old home for the
incurables.  The hospital was built around this old home.  Now I am not the only
one who has experienced this so I am not crazy.  This floor was the floor that
got many older unconscious patients, alcholic and drug detox and anything else
that the hospital didn't have room for.  Each room had metal lockers to hold
patient's clothes.  Frequently we would hear the doors on the lockers banging
and when we would enter the room both patients would be out cold.  We also had a
dirty utility room next to the nurse's station but separated by a wall.  We had
to go out and around the nurse's station to get to the dirty utility room.  We
would hear the loud  noise of the metal bed pans clanging together (yes it
was a long time ago with metal bedpans) we would get there and every thing would
be in it's place.  This happen almost every night so every nurse experienced it.
Now that part of the hospital has been renovated for nursing administration.  I can't help to wonder if those kinds of things still happen.
]My favorite ghostly nursing story was actually experienced by my husband who
is also a nurse.  He was working at a small private hospital on a med/surg unit
in a large metropolitan city.  One of their "frequent fliers" was a woman named
Louella who always requested the same room at the end of the hall if it were
available at the time of her admission.  Louella's husband Roy was very loving &
doting and they refused assistance with her personal care when she was a patient
as Roy did everything for her.  The only time Roy left the bedside was to step
to the nurse's station for a cup of coffee & inevitably before he returned to
her side, Louella would be heard calling "Roy....Roy..."

Eventually Louella died at that hospital in "her" room.

Many months later a salesman is traveling through the state, experiences chest
pain & pulls into the hospital. He was treated & placed in the same room that
Louella had always requested.  Younger, awake, alert, oriented & non-medicated.

My husband said that during the night the patient called the nurses station and
asked if someone could "please help that lady so I can get some sleep."

The nurses hadn't heard anything but quickly made rounds to see if someone
needed assistance.  No one claimed to have called out & no one else heard the

Shortly thereafter the patient calls the nurses station again requesting that
someone "please make her shut up so I can get some sleep."

Again, made rounds, didn't hear anything, didn't see anyone that needed help.

The next call to the nurses station the patient asked if someone could "please
help her find Roy so she will be quiet."  My husband said that even then the
staff wasn't unusually alarmed & even discussed the possibility that it was
coming through the air conditioning vent & was maybe someone on another floor
that was calling out.

The NEXT call to the nurses station, the patient says "She says her name is
Louella & she needs help finding Roy."  Everyone at this point is quite freaked
out having known Louella & the history.  Hubby says that a seasoned nurse walked
into the room in question, opened the window (the inch that they will) and said
very loudly "Get out Louella!  You have to leave now."

My husband worked at that facility for another year & they never heard another
peep from Louella.
When I was an EMT in a small town, a fellow EMT had something interesting happen
to her.

My friend was called out on a freeway auto accident involving several unstable
victims.  This was her very first call out, and she was really nervous.  She was
trying to stabilize one victim, and her hands were shaking so hard she could
barely function.  She panicked and was afraid she was going to have to step back
and let someone else take care of the victim because she felt so upset and
overwhelmed.  At this point, a man came up to her and said "I'm a doctor.  I'll
help you."  It's not unusual to have people stop along the freeway and try to
help out or gawk at an accident, but this one happened really early in the
morning on a stretch of freeway that has few cars on it, especially at that
time.  The only vehicles there were the ambulance, a state patrol unit, and the
car that flipped. Anyway, she accepted his help, and together they put the
victim on the backboard and got him ready for transport.  When they were
finished he said "I'm going to help them" and pointed at an!
other EMT who was with another victim.  She nodded and said 'thanks.'  She saw
him walk over and kneel beside the victim, waiting to see if the EMT needed
help.  She turned back to the patient she was working on, and he needed an
airway device, so she quickly turned to call to the EMT that the doctor had just
gone to help.  The doctor wasn't there, so she figured he'd left the scene.  

The patients were all very unstable, and we were 50 miles from the nearest
hospital, so the life flight helicopter had been called to transport the victims
to the hospital.  After the victims were loaded and gone, my friend turned to
the other EMT she'd been working with and said "Wasn't that great to have help
from that doctor?"  The EMT looked at her with a puzzled look and said "What
doctor?  There wasn't anybody else at the scene except us and the cop."  My
friend said "He helped me, then I saw him walk over to you and kneel by you and
the guy you were working on."  The EMT just looked at her strangely.  "No one
helped me out." He said.  She went up to the state patrol cop who had been
directing traffic and said "Did you see the tall guy who stopped to help us?"
The state patrol guy gave her the same look the EMT had and said "About two cars
went by while you guys were working, and no one stopped."

To this day my friend is convinced that she was helped by an angel.
I hate to believe that children are ever left behind as ghosts. That said we
have a room in the PICU I used to work at that is reserved to accomodate
families with a dying child. Older patients who have died in the room have
reported seeing other children in the room with them. Younger children have been
known to point and track unseen things. Even the most hardened skeptic on the
unit will tell you there is a strange static feel to the room.
On my third day of orientation at this hospital my preceptor took me for a walk
through the 'old hospital' Its all boardrooms and resident's sleeping quarters
now. But it was the night shift and all the sleeping rooms were empty. When I
asked her why she grinned from ear to ear. She told me stories of nuns floating
and kids giggling and running down the halls, lights flickering, and shadows
darting. We didn't see anything that night but you couldn't get me out of there
fast enough. I could have killed her! Then I understood why our residents and
fellows will find an empty room anywhere in the hospital before sleeping up
I work labor and delivery. We have a separate unit for antepartum. This unit
used to be the old ICU, years and years ago. I've seen tons of things out of the
corner of my eye, but when you try to look staight at them they are gone.

The 1st thing I saw- At one point the NICU was overcrowded and was using our old
nursery as a step-down unit. I was floated over there for the night. I was alone
at one point when the other nurse took a dinner break. We have automatic doors
that are pretty loud when they open and I had never before and never since seen
them open on their own. Anyway, I was feeding a baby with my back to the door. I
heard it open and all i could do was glance over my shoulder and say, "I'm
almost done here, I'll be w/ you in a minute". I saw a man standing there in a
long brown coat. I know he was looking right at me. I was all of 2 minutes
putting the baby back to bed. The doors never opened again. I turned around a
there was no one there. I immediately called the other nurse and told her she
needed to come back. It was the longest 5 or 10 minutes of my life waiting for
her to come back.

2nd- Not long after that I was working on the antepartum unit. I had heard
several stories of a young girl with long blond hair on the unit that several
had seen. I saw a girl walk into the patient kitchen. She was wearing a hospital
gown, but it was all white, ours are white with blue flowers or pink. She was
young and had long straight blond hair. I knew she wasn't one of out patients. I
sat there and waited a while to see her come out and ask her if I could get her
anything. She never came out. Another nurse saw me sitting and staring at the
kitchen. She laughed at me and went into the kitchen. Nope, nobody in there.

3rd- I had also heard that room 434 was haunted. All the older nurses had a
story about that room. All within a few weeks of each other 3 of us had our
stories. One nurse told me she had a pt next door who called her to the room and
asked her to tell the people next door to please quit slamming the dresser
drawers. She said everytime they slammed it they would ram the dresser into her
wall and she couldn't sleep. You guessed it, no pt in that room. Another nurse
had a pt in room 434 and said that the pt called her to the room. She asked if
the nurse had been in there at all recently. The nurse said "no, why?". She said
she was sleeping and heard her toilet flush and the sink come on. She got up to
check out the bathroom and found no one, so she used it herself (mistake). She
said while she was in there she heard someone come into her door and move
furniture in her room (the rooms are really small, so usually you have to move
things to get to the dresser or computer). There w!
ere only 2 nurses on that unit that night and neither had been in there. We
moved that pt's room that night. Lastly, I had a pt that was in 434 and went to
the other side for delivery. We then moved her back for bed control. She
requested a different room. She said right before she went into labor her 3 y/o
son told her that he hated her room b/c it was too noisy. She asked him what he
meant and he asked her why she didn't see all those people standing around
talking. She also said that close to that time she had her blinds turned one
direction and noticed they were opposite. She put them back the way she had them
to keep the light out and looked a little later and they were opposite again. We
let her pick a new room.

Ahhhh....There are so many more. I hate working that unit alone. I've had call
lights go on and off, TV's turn on right in front of me.......One time I heard a
TV on in the breast pump room (for employees). It was really loud and I went to
ask them to turn it down. I heard the channels changing as I walked towards the
room, the volume was on full blast. As I knocked on the door the TV turned off.
I went back and got the key to the room and it was dark, no one in there at all.
I screamed my way all the way back to the desk....

I was in charge one night (we charge LDRP/nursery/antepartum). I went to check
on the ante unit and the CNAs were acting goofy. They were giggly, but not
middle of the night silly/tired. I asked what was up and they said they heard
the ghost talking and the nurse with them was calling them names and saying she
didn't hear anything. We stood and laughed about it for a little while, they
never did tell me what they had heard it say. By this time the unit secretary
was with us. Suddenly we all heard a scream and a man (no men on our unit EVER)
saying "help me". The nurse on the unit said, "ok, I heard that one". I looked a
the techs and said, "what should we do". Then, we heard it louder and clearly
coming from the end of the hall. We all took off down the hall. I assigned a
tech to each side of the hall and told the secretary to stay at the top of the
hall. The other nurse and I went to the back to check the stairwell. We all
ended up meeting at the last room on the unit. For !
the 3rd time, coming from that room we heard a man say, "help me" and scream. We
all went flying in there. Now, I sit here laughing b/c that woman was so scared.
She was alone and sound asleep and picture 4 of us in the middle of the night
slamming into her room. She sat straight up in bed and said, "what what what". I
said, "are you ok? we heard someone calling for help". She was like, "i was
sleeping, it wasn't me." I played it off and said, "let's go check the staircase
it must have come from the other side of the hall" (remember, I had personally
checked the stairs) and I apologized and apologized and apologized. She forgave
us...thank God or we would have had to move her room in the middle of the night.
LOL, not funny, but I'm shaking thinking about it all over again.

When my grandma was diagnosed in the early 80's with leukemia, she was treated at one of the best and largest teaching hospitals in the city. She received the latest treatment, but back then, cancer treatment was not as advanced as it is now. She fought the good fight, and when it was her time she was resigned that she had lived a full life and was ready to go.
In the end, she went into multiorgan failure, and the sight of her all swollen and in a coma was too much for me, I broke down at her bedside and I was inconsolable. A young nurse and mother, I had had my share of treating the dying, but when it is your own family, it is different. My mother and grandmother had an agreement, if there was some way for Grandma to let her know she had passed, she would do so in a way that Mom would recognize. As it turns out, I was alone with her when her heart rate dropped to the 30's, and death was indeed very near, a called out for my Mom who was calling her brother on a phone outside the curtains, As my mother stepped around the curtains, I whispered, she is going. Mom said, Patti, what is that smoke coming out of her head. I thought she was thinking I set Grandmas hair on fire. I did not see the smoke. But my Mom did and swore she was looking at my Grandma's spirit leaving her body. I didn't really believe her, however, when the resident approached my Mom about donating Grandma's body to medical science for teaching, my mom said she would check with my Grandfather who was at home, exhausted from the daily trips to Pittsburgh, he had stayed home this day. When she dialed his number, she only received static, she tried several times, and continued to hear static on the line, and the calls were not able to go through. Knowing Grandma like we did, we were sure that she was making her feelings known. She always used to say, "You know Patti, when I was young, I was a flapper" she was all proud of how she looked. Knowing what those medical students do with the cadavers, I am sure she did not want to have her body treated that way. So anyway, fast forward 5 years or so, My grandfather hit the lottery, for a good amount, it came out to about $30,000 a year, enough to take care of his needs along with his social security, etc. A couple years later, he started losing his ability to care for himself, and Mom made the decision to place him in assisted living. It just so happened that at that very time a new assisted living facility was opening up in the town where Mom lived, and the money he won in the lottery with his social security was just enough to cover his expenses in this new facility. We are pretty sure Grandma played a part in it from up there. I keep hoping Grandma will throw me some numbers some day soon.
When I first started working as an LPN I worked the night shift at a LTC facility. There was a young woman I cared for who was in the end stages of MS. She was basically in a vegetative state. About a week after she passed away I saw her. She was wearing a pink, silk nightgown. Her posture was erect, arms hanging straight at her side. Her hair looked so soft and shiny. Her complexion so clear and glowing. I saw her walk right past me. It was the most wonderful see her healthy and whole again. It wasn't at all scary, and to this day brings tears to my eyes to think how beautiful and peaceful she looked. I have debated about whether to tell her mother, who occasionally still visits other residents, about what I witnessed. I wouldn't want her to think I was some kind of nut.

Many other strange things would go on at night. Call lights would go off in empty rooms. We would hear doors opening and closing. And one night while sitting in the breakroom, there was a knocking sound on the wall...and on the other side of the wall was an office that was locked!!

Working the night shift definitely made me a believer!!
My mother had travel to France and visited Lourdes (where the are Virgin Mary sightings). She brought back a rosary for a friend of hers who wanted to give it to her ailing mother-in-law. The friend's mother in law's name was Alice. Not long after my mother gave her friend the rosary, her friend called to tell her the most amazing story.

Alice was very ill and in the hospital. The whole time she was there she was holding her rosary from Lourdes, and one night said to my mother's friend that she saw The Virgin Mary standing in her doorway. My mother's friend didn't see anything. The next day or so, Alice declined and slipped imto a coma. The family was with her one night when they heard a womans voice over the hospital's PA system saying, "Alice. Alice." Later that day Alice died. My mother's friend asked the nurses who had been using the PA system to call Alice. The nurses looked a little freaked out, because they said, they had been investigating it since they had all heard that womans voice. But they said that no one had used the paging system. They had no explaination. Trippy, huh?
At the end of each hall we use a room for linen storage and geri chairs, etc. My first week on the night shift I went to get linens and as I turned to leave I thought I saw a young ladie with shoulder length straight black hair sitting in the geri chair with a blanket on her legs. I stopped and whirled around and nothing was there. My hair stood on end and I got out of there as quick as I could. I never mentioned it because I didn't want anyone to think I was a nut, and I've never heard anyone talk about ghost at the hospital.
I didn't go to the storage room for several days.
Back in the 70's when paramedics were in their infancy the local Community collage would have ER nurses work with paramedic students on IV's, assessment, reading monitors etc. One night on 3-11 I had a group of paramedics to work with, I put two in ICU, one in CCU, one in Step-down and 2 in the ER. The night was going on just fine except for a code in the ICU. I continuously made rounds and carried a beeper. Around 9PM I was on my way to the ICU and came accross one of my students standing in the hall. I asked her the problem, she said that she could not go back into the ICU (now this was a really bright and talented individual). I asked why, she said that I would think that she was crazy and I did. She said that she could not look at all of the auras leaving the patients. She had seen one earlier and the patient coded and now she saw 3 more. OOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKK I said how about you go over to step down, before she went I asked which beds the three patient's were in. The next morning I was at work in the ER at 7. Just for a chuckle I went up to the ICU. All three patient's that she told me about had died during the night. She was a great paramedic but when she brought patients in I never asked about their aura!!!
This one is not about ghosts, however, it is about
When I was in nursing school, I had a friend who had had a brother who died of
cancer. at the time (1970's, before the popularity of angels) she was around 13
and he was 19. There was not much talk of angels in general during that time but
in his last weeks he kept talking of angels coming in to his room at night. My
friend was scared but not her brother. He was very happy to see them. Before he
died, he called out to them and was so exited, whats the word, more than exited,
it was like in a state of higher plane of  existance. His body shone, he looked
angelic himself. My friend describes his death as a beautiful experience. His
angel came for him (there was one in particular that he described as "his
angel") He called out in anticipation. The whole family was in awe, as he was so
exited. to go. I still can't think of the word I want, to use, just really
beautiful as my friend describes it. They did not see the angel per se, but
noted her brother and how different he looked!
,healthy and strong. Then he died but it affected my friend profoundly, and when
she spoke of it, she always cried and it brought tears to all of us also, just
the awe and beauty of it all.
My stories do not take place in a hospital but..............

When I was a little girl my bedroom was always very cold no matter what the
thermostat for the house was set at.  Our house was a new construction, in other
words our family was the first to inhabit our home.  I recall so clearly as I
was growing up that I always felt as though I was not alone.  So much so that I
began talking to the whatever it was.  At times I would feel something brush by
my arm, but of course there was nothing/no one there.  I never told a soul.  I
just dealt with it.  Well now to fast forward to many many years later my best
friend had some friends over her house to hang out.  One of the guests claimed
to be psychic and said she would do complimentary readings for everyone.  Well,
when I sat down and did the card thing she required she looked me in the eyes
and said, "You must stop speaking to the spirits in your bedroom"  I freaked
out.  I was embarassed and crying and Scared.  Like I said, I had never told
anyone, including my best friend.  The psychic said that they were not necessarily bad spirits but that I should not
encourage.  SHe advised me to go home and rebuke the spirits from my room or
something like that. I did do what she advised.  Not long after that I moved out
of my parents house and got my own place 2500 miles away. LOL

Next story............I was about 9 years old and was attending my Uncles wake.
While sitting there staring at him, I totally saw him get up out of the casket.
I screamed.  Of course everyone said it was my imagination but I know
differently, especially after reading all these awesome posts.

I have a couple.  One night while working in the oncology unit we has a dying
patient whose family was all around him comforting and telling him it was all
right for him to move on that they would be fine.  The daughter at one point
asked him "what are you waiting for Dad?" and her father who had been pretty out
of it , opened his eyes and said clearly "4 o'clock".  Sure enough at exactly 4
AM he was pronounced dead.  It gave me chills.

We had a patient who was a frequent call button pusher who died and while we
were doing post mortem care the call light went off.  after that happened the
light went off frequently in the middle of the night for no reason.  We always
said is was "Mrs. Jones" wanting the bedpan.

At my current hospital they say there is a Nurse Betty who roams around PCU at
night and has put on call lights for patients who are in trouble but can't get
to the  call light.  One time a patient was found on the floor of the bathroom
and the light on the bed was going off.  Another time a patient was  found in
respiratory distress and the call light was out of reach and the patient said
she had been trying to reach the light and couldn't but that she didn't turn the
light on herself.

my husband came home after an evering shift as security at the copper mine.  I
said "you smell like lilacs, and you are as cold as an ice cube."  to which he
responded:  "I do?  I am?".   Then he told me the story.  One building that had
been a school in the 1800's was on his rounds.  After he got through with hes
rounds his buddy asked him if he had met the lilac lady.  They asked if he had
smelled lilacs when he was in the old school building. Yes he had smelled lilacs
when he was in there.  That is when they told him about the school teacher ghost
who is still there and you can tell when she is around by the smell of lilacs.
He tryed to tell her that her students were now all gone and that she should go
also, but it diden't help.  So when he could feel her and smell lilacs he
started singing "Hello Dolly"  She would go away emediatly!  Guess she diden't
like his singing.  Some nights he would come home and I would say "you met the
lilac lady tonight diden't you?"  He wou!
ld say "Yes how can you tell?"  He smelled of lilacs each time.

There was another building that had once been an iron works building.  He was
warned if you hear noise just pass that one by and check latter.  Guards that
failed to head that warning were thrown across the room by somone the diden't
see and injured.  Can you imagine showing up at the hospital saying " The ghost
threw me across the room?"

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Posted 07 August 2005 - 10:37 AM

Are those all your stories, or are they collected from elsewhere and compiled in your post?
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Posted 07 August 2005 - 11:45 AM

I believe those stories are from another forum and midnightblue pasted them here to share with us.


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Posted 12 September 2005 - 11:48 AM

QUOTE(Kate518 @ Aug 7 2005, 12:45 PM)
I believe those stories are from another forum and midnightblue pasted them here to share with us.

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Yes, I belong to a nurses board. And, all the members have been sharing their stories.
I thought you would all enjoy reading them, here.

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Posted 12 September 2005 - 12:05 PM

My team is actually getting ready to investigate a local hospitol because several members of the nursing staff have seen what they have refered to as an angel. One of them told a contact of ours that she was cleaning a room upstairs and the tv came on and it was static but in the static she could see what appeared to be a lady. Then the image disappeared but on the wall she now saw the same lady. The staff came into the room and tried everything they could think of to find a reason for the appirition but they could not do so so we were asked to contribute and see what we could find. We are just awaiting administration but the nurses story was actually varified by several other people, all reliable witnesses

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Posted 12 September 2005 - 12:07 PM

One of the weirdest things that has happened in my nursing so far ( im still a
student) happened on my very first night as an HCA on a med/surg ward, and an
elderly gentleman was one of my patients.
This man was actually what is called in my country a Kau Matua.. which is like
the elder/ head of the family of the indegenous race of people here. A Kau Matua
has significant importance to the family and so there were about 20 family
members on the ward to see him at any one time.
This ward was actually very good for this situation as it had a whanau (family)
room for when such events occured.
The family was a very loud bunch and after several hours of asking them to keep
the noise down I was surprised and a little glad that they went quiet.
I checked the Whanau room and noone was there so I went into the room where this
client was.
The family were all huddled around the bed.. most were silent and one or two
were exchanging whispers.
I asked if there was a problem...
one of the family members asked ' can you see that?'
I couldnt see a thing...
a few minutes later the elderly gentleman passed away due to a complication that
had arisen post surgery.
I overhead the family in the whanau room talking about seeing the ancestors of
this man coming to collect him....
I thought it was very strange that a whole family of people could recount seeing
the same thing...
bizarre, but true

     A few years ago I was employed at this LTC facility as a  CNA. I worked
nights so it always felt creepy walking down the dark halls alone. Because of
that, our charge nurse would advise us to pair up together and do our rounds.
Well one night myself and a fellow co-worker/friend were doing our 2a.m rounds
together. We finally made it to our last room which was a  elderly woman was in
a room by herself. It was a 2bed resident room, but no one ever lasted longer
than a month for some strange reason when they were in that second bed. The
elderly woman in the room would always scream and grab on ya when you were
changing her and never once spoke a word. I had been working with her for almost
a year and never heard as much as "hello".
     Well on this particular night we finished our last resident and went into
her room to clean her up and change her linens. When we went into her room we
closed the door, but left it slightly open so we could hear the nurse if she was
walking the halls searching for us. Once finished, we both cleaned up the room
and proceeded to walk thru the door. I reached the door knob and couldn't get it
to turn. It was if it was locked, but there is no locks on the residents doors.
I pulled again and got no luck. So my co-worker tried and had no luck. We both
looked at each other and I decided to call the nurses station to tell the nurse
to open the door cause it seemed stuck. Just as I touched the button, the
temperature changed completely. Mind you it was Summer and this resident didn't
like to run her air in her room so it wasn't on. It was freezing. My co-worker
is standing there looking just as spooked as I was. It was like a scene from the
Sixth Sense. While looking at each oth!
er stinned, the resident looked straight ahead and said "He's here, he's in my
room again. Can you feel his presence?"  When she said that, myself and my
co-worker nearly knocked each other down trying to run into the resident's
bathroom in her room. This lady had never once spoke the entire time I had been
employed in this facility until then. About 5 minutes later the nurse steps in
looking for us. She finds us in the restroom looking scared to death. We tell
her the door was locked and she frowned and showed us it wasn't because she came
right in. We walked out and felt like complete idiots. As we did our final
rounds that morning we left the door open completely.

     At the end of my shift, the nurse walked with us to our car and told us
about what happened in the room. She said a few years ago the resident's husband
had died around 2a.m. She said that right after he died employees spoke of the
door mysteriously locking on them and the room becoming cold suddenly. After
hearing that, I became frightened completely. I put in my resignation a week
later cause I couldn't get over it. To this day it freaks me out, writing it is
freaking me out right now.
This isn't a nursing story, but the black dog reminded me of something.  When my
grandmother passed away it was very sudden and unexpected.  She was at the home
she had shared with my grandfather and raised her children in and was in full
control of her mind and "faculties" as she always said she wanted to go.
Anyway, when the family started arriving in town (we were coming from all parts
of the US) there was a HUGE snow white dog at the house.  Grandma didn't own a
dog and it didn't belong to any of the neighbors.  The dog acted very familiar
with everyone and "greeted" us as we arrived like it had always known our
family.  It followed us around when we were outside and hung out on the porch
when we were inside.  The dog sat on the porch and watched us all leave for the
funeral and was gone when we got back.  No one ever saw it again.  My mom is
convinced that the dog was my grandmother's spirit greeting her family who
hadn't been together in at least 15 years.
My grandpa died last Feburary and as he was dying my mom was
sitting with him and he called out to his cousin who died years ago. My mom said
it was like he was seeing her and told him to go see her, which he did as he
died minutes later.

I don't think he went far though as my grandma woke up a few weeks ago to
"hear" someone humming a song she knew. She got up and turned all the lights on
in the house but she could still hear it, then she realized she could hear my
grandpa singing a hymn that they both loved. She started singing with him and
they sung the whole hymn together and then the sound stopped. She said that she
was not scared at all and just feels that grandpa was telling her he was alright
and was still looking out for her. The thing is that grandma is totally deaf
without her hearing aids in and doesn't wear them to bed but she heard grandpa
and knows she was fully awake durring this experience
We were with a 100 yr old woman when she died. The respers stopped and it took
ten minutes for the heart to stop. She had lots of wrinkles that were soft and
we could see her become younger and there was a rosy appearance in her cheeks.
With the last beat gone you could see a mist raising upward to the ceiling. As
it rose it disipated. The Black nurse's aide opened the window for the spirit to
leave the room. Now when I have a death the window is then opened. There was 6
of us and we all thought we were crazy. We didn't talk for awhile.
In 1984, I was preparing to be a bridesmaid in a friends wedding and I was
expecting at the time. My friend was having another friend alter our dresses.
Well, my dress came back and it was about 3 sizes too big and too long, so my
Gram, whom I was very close to, as I was her 1st Grandchild, said, "I'll do the
alterations for you honey". During my many fittings, we would always talk about
my having her 1st Great Grandchild and how she was also making the netting for
the bassinet too. She swore it would be a girl, and made a pink one. As we were
getting close to my last fitting, she told me to stand up on the chair with my
heels on carefully, as she could not bend over and wanted to check the length.
She was 74 yrs young at the time. God I loved her. :sniff: Well, I put my heel
right through the back of the gown, tearing a huge hole in it at the bottom!
:eek: She calmly told me, "Get down off the chair now Emilee and please go home,
I will fix it". I couldn't apologize enough !
as I walked out the door, she had worked so hard on it for me and I know she was
a bit perturbed about it and just didn't want me to see her frustration.

A few nights later, I was sound asleep in bed, when I felt the hair on my
forehead being brushed aside and felt a very distinct kiss on it and a very warm
embrace. I sat straight up and looked over at my husband at the time, thinking
it was him, and he was over on the other side of the bed snoring away.
:confused: I sat there with an odd feeling I couldn't understand and looked at
the clock, it said 10:02pm. I just couldn't shake what I know I felt and had not

I got up to get a water and sat on my couch for about 45 mins trying to
rationalize what I felt, when my phone rang. It was my Mom and she said, "Em,
can you come to the house, Gram passed away about 45 mins ago. She was sitting
in her rocking chair around 10pm, said to my Grampa, "Al, I love you, please
hold my hand, I'm leaving now", he took her hand confused, and she closed her
eyes and passed away".  :scrying: OMG! She came to me while I slept, her final
goodbye and kissed me before she moved on. I told my Dad and my Grampa and they
both started to cry, as I was her favorite and it comforted them very much. For
me, I'll be honest, I was afraid to look in the mirror and see her looking back
at me for days. Really. I think I would have had a heart attack myself!

Later on, I took the rocking chair she died in, for when I had my baby. Everyone
was too freaked out to sit in it or touch it, but I wasn't. When I had my Son,
it was not a girl like she thought, I would rock him in that chair and I felt
her there with me. Many times when I was sooo tired doing night feedings, I felt
my hair being stroked and such a sense of calm. A few times, I'd see that chair
rocking on its own while my son slept. I knew she was there watching over her
1st Great Grandchild and I would see it and say, "Hi Gram, he's beautiful isn't
he"? I still when in distress or stressed out, talk to her. I feel her there
always. I'll sit in her rocking chair and talk to her. I always feel better
afterward and somehow the troubles I had, I found a way to work through them
after my "session" with Gram.

Now my Grampa, he didn't do well after she passed. She was his life, being
married well over 50 yrs. He would cry every night for her. He replaced every
name in his bible with her name, painstakenly handwritting it in! I don't know
why, but he did. It gave him comfort. He had developed Alzheimer's and would
call only *ME* by my Grams name everytime he saw me, he said, "I see you there".
Later on, he developed pneumonia, and lapsed into a coma, and was not given long
to live. We would visit him and I can't explain how he looked. It was just not
him anymore. He was a shell of a person, who did not come out of his coma. My
Dad and I were with him one night, I was talking to him, hoping he heard me when
I looked upward and saw a flash of light. I asked my Dad if he saw it and he
just looked at me stunned. I knew my Gram had come to take him home. We both
took his hand and I said, "Grampa, its okay, take Grams hand now, she's here
waiting" and my Dad said, "Its okay Dad, go to Mo!
m now, let go, we love you". No lie, in a coma, unresponsive, he sat straight up
in the bed(scared me, I didn't expect that, he was in a coma after all),
extended his right arm and hand upward towards the ceiling as if reaching for
something, lied back down and he was gone.  He took her hand.
I worked in a small rural hospital, on a med/surg unit right out of nursing
school. I worked nights 7p-7a, which tends to be somewhat of a "creepy" shift
anyway because typically, it's dark everywhere in the hospital at night. Our
floor had two halls (evens & odds) and on this particular night I had patients
at the end of both halls. The very last rooms at the end of each hall were
negative pressure rooms for TB or other isolation patients, etc. We hadn't put
any patients in those rooms for probably a month or so, and our ped's unit had
been using one of the rooms as a storage room for extra cribs and other
equipment. I was making a round checking on my patients at the end of halls and
I could see a tv on in one of the isolation rooms that was being used as
storage. I walked up and peaked in the window and you could hear the tv
blasting; the weather channel of all things! I freaked out and ran down to the
nurses station and refused to go anywhere near that room the rest of t!
he night.

Another story that happened in the same hospital: We had a patient on the odd
wing that had come in with abd. pain. The docs couldn't really find anything
wrong with this guy, but he refused to be discharged, so they kept him there for
a while. I came in at 7 one night and got report from his day shift nurse, who
informed me that while she had been in his room passing his med's, he asked her
if anyone had died in the other bed in the room. She of course said that was
very likely that someone had died there, and he looked at her and said, "I kinda
figured, cause she's sitting on the edge of the bed right now." The day shift
nurse said she got freaked and left the room asap.

We had other stuff on that unit that would happen like the bathroom sink in one
room would come on and off by itself with no patients in that room, call lights
going off in unoccupied rooms. And the LTC which was the floor above the one I
worked on, said their residents always talked about "the man in black" before
they died.....
In 1988, my precious, dear grandmother become the victim in an auto vs.
pedestrian accident. Not her fault at all, it was a 16 y.o. driver who hit both
my grandparents, twice. They tried their best to save her, as she was
LifeFlighted to the nearest trauma center. She just had too many internal
injuries. My grandfather faired better, and survived.

Her best friend and neighbor, Kay, was in Boston on a business trip. My
grandmother died at 9PM Pacific time, so it was midnight in Boston. Kay says
that she was asleep, but awoke to the figure of my grandmother sitting on her
bed. My grandmother communicated telepathically to Kay, "Take care of Ralph for
me." (Ralph is my grandfather). Kay said, "I will." And my grandmother was gone.

Kay married my grandfather a few years later with the family's blessing. He
eventually develops Parkinson's and deteriorates rather fast. In August of 1998,
the end was near for him. My mother and aunt are with him. They start talking in
the living room while hospice was there for a visit. They said to each other
that it was 10 years ago today that my grandmother died. My grandfather had lost
all sense of time and my aunt goes in and tells him, "It was 10 years ago today
that Mom died." He then quietly passed away. It was as if he was waiting for the
anniversary of my grandmother's death so he could go join her. It was OK for him
to go.
I was working in Surgical Intensive Care one evening.  Mr. B was well enough
that he was to be transferred out of ICU the next day.  The three of us nurses
were busy with outher patients, and in ICU you can see in all the rooms at
once.  Mr. B was sitting up on the side of his bed watching  us.  We checked on
him by visually seeing him well enough to sit on the side of the bed.  On one of
my glances, I noticed that he had fallen to the floor, monitors were beeping EKG
etc.....we all went running into his room and saw that he was not breathing and
did not have a pulse, we started CPR and called a code.......we coded him for
about 45 minutes before the physician called the code - Mr. B was gone.   After
things had calmed down the three of us nurses were rehashing t he event - which
is common.  Janet, one of the nurses asked me: "Who was that sitting on the bed
beside Mr. B before he fell to the floor?"  I said, "No one had been in his room
all evening......."  But someone o!
r some spirit had visited him right before his dying - I'll never forget!
I used to work for this guy--wonderful person and he became like a 2nd father to
me (my father having passed several years before).  He would give me advice,
build up my confidence and we became great friends--also with this wife and the
rest of his family.  We were all very close.  He became sick with cancer and was
in the hospital; his wife, wanting to make sure someone would be with him 24
hours started making up a list of people she would ask.  I was #1 on the list.
During the night, the day before I was to go and sit with him, I woke up saying
to myself that I have to get ready to see Jack.  I tried to sit up in bed and
distinctly felt this gentle hand pushing me back down.  It was a very strange
feeling but I knew that Jack had died.  I lay there crying until morning when I
got the dreaded phone call.  Broke my heart.  I still miss him terribly.  ohmy.gif

another one--my childhood girlfriend who I hadn't seen in about 25 years--I had
a dream that her mom had died (I hadn't seen her mom for even a longer amt of
time).  Something made me look her up and when I finally did talk to her, I
asked about her mom and that's when she told me that she died on the night of
that dream.
we had an elderly 102 yr old in our hospital who kept talking out the "white
birds from Jesus"  she prattled on and on about these white birds.  Later that
day I went in to check on her and found her sleeping.  I looked outside the
window and sure enough a white bird came and landed on the ledge.  She passed
later that night.
My grandparents had made an agreement that whoever "went first" would send a
sign (if possible) to let the remaining person know that they were okay and
watching over them.  If the person's spirit could come back, the sign would be
that a specific knick-knack shelf would be knocked off the wall.  My grandfather
fell asleep at the wheel of his truck in 1978, went off the road, and hit a
concrete embankment.  He was still alive when they brought him to the ER, but
died shortly thereafter.  When my grandmother returned home from the hospital
(she was alone - it happened so fast none of the family was there yet), that
exact knick-knack shelf was laying the in middle of the living room floor.  That
sign gave my grandmother considerable comfort because she knew without a doubt
that it was grandpa telling her he was okay.  

For those of you who have been reading through this whole thread - my
grandmother that I'm talking about in this post is the same one that I talked
about in a previous post - she's the one my mother is convinced came to the
family after her death as a huge snow white dog.
I'm not entirely sure how it happened. My grandmother was hit twice. I think
that the driver (a 16 y.o. female) was distracted that she hit them once, my
grandmother was actually able to get up after the first hit and went to aid my
grandfather when the driver swerved and somehow hit them both again. It doesn't
make sense, I know, but they were hit twice.
You know, I think a lot of folks wait to die
until someone "gives them permission" to do so.  Years ago, when I was working
in eastern Washington state, I had a patient who had been on vacation in western
Montana when he arrested in the middle of the night.  He was down for awhile, I
guess.  He was airlifted to our hospital.  I got rather close to this man's
family -- wife, sons, step-sons, daughters-in-law (or were they
step-daughters-in-law?)  It was a lovely family.

I think you can tell a lot about a comatose patient by what their family is
like.  But that's an issue to be taken up in another thread..

The patient wasn't quite brain dead.  If he were, it would have been easier.  He
wasn't waking up, and neuro saw no hope for a meaningful recovery.  His kidneys
failed, and renal got involved.  His wonderful family was supportive of each
other, and took turns sitting at the bedside, reading to and talking to Dad.
Meanwhile, his organs were failing and his family was being run into the ground
by the ordeal.  The time came when one of the sons approached me about letting
Dad go.  A family meeting ensued, and Dad was made a DNR.  After a couple more
days, the family decided to withdraw care.  And still Dad hung on.  His wife and
two sons were in the room one day when I was caring for Dad.  

"How long can this go on?" they asked me, in anguish.  I had no answer for them.
"But," I told them, "sometimes I think people hang on because of their families.
They don't want to leave you, or they're afraid they have to stay to protect
you.  Maybe if you tell him that you'll be OK without him, and that you're
letting him go he'll be able to leave."  

Tearfully, the family told Dad what a wonderful husband and father and
step-father he'd always been, and how much they loved him.  Then they gave him
permission to go to God.  And just like that, his breathing eased and he passed.
The family was so grateful to me for taking such care of Dad, and of them.  And
I've never forgotten that family.  I feel as if I witnessed a miracle.

My grandmother passed away last January. It was a very emotional situation, with
a lot of hard feelings on both sides. My last words with her were a terrible
argument, and d/t a bunch of insane family strife, my mother and I didn't find
out about her death until she'd been dead about a week. We still don't know what
my half uncle did with her ashes. Whew..that's a very long story..suffice it to
say that it was all ugly enough that the way I found out about her death was
that a fellow classmate (I'm a second year adsn as of this fall) works at the
nsg home she was in, and on the first day back to school after xmas break, she
told me she was "sorry for my loss". I asked her what she meant, and finally
worked out that my grandmother had passed. There I was, first day back to class,
and had to bail to go and tell my mother that her mom had passed away.

Anyway, this past March I got my CNA, and as that particular facility pays best,
I ended up there. My grandmother's room was 110, and so help me, even though I
walk right past it on my way to break, I always forget to look inside that room,
no matter how determined I am on my way. Each time I purposely head that
direction, something happens to keep me from getting there, even so far as a
resident falling out of his wheelchair right in front of me, and by the time
I've resolved whatever problem I encountered, I've forgotten what I'd intended
to do. In the five months I've worked in the building, I have never once looked
inside room 110. It's probably some subconscious hangup of my own, but whatever
it is, it's like a reverse magnet.

I do
have a "dream" story.

I am currently a nurse at an independent birth center.  At the time of this
story, there were three nurses that took turns taking call, and three docs/mws
who took turns with call.  Meaning that a patient could end up with any
combination of nurse and doc/mw at their birth.

I got called in one night to the labor of a woman who had five children, all
boys, and the last pregnancy an "ooops."  She wanted a girl (even though we all
figured she was having a boy, since her previous 5 had been), so as a joke, we
put pink sheets on the bed.  When she and her husband arrived at the birth
center, we said,  "Look, D., pink sheets for your little girl!"  and her dh
looked at us very strangely and said, "Did she tell you about her dream?"  And
then she got upset with him and said "No, no, don't say anything, I haven't told
anyone but you, if I tell, it will spoil it;  it won't come true!"

So fast forward three hours, when her baby makes an entrance.  It's a girl!  We
hand her up to mama and are drying her off, and I say, "Wow, I think that's your
smallest baby yet!  She can't be over 6 pounds!"

And she says, "She is, too, she is 6# 4oz and her name is Amelie.  Last night I
dreamed all about this, that I would have the baby tonight, that you and N (the
mw) would be on call, that you would put pink sheets on the bed for my baby, and
that it would be a girl.  When she came out, in my dream, she looked up at me
and said, my name is Amelie.  And I said, no it isn't, I don't like that name.
And then she said to me, I don't care, that is my name, you have to name me

The mw and I just looked at each other and had goosebumps.  Later I weighed her;
she was 6# 2oz.  I said something to the mw that "Well, she was two ounces off!"
and the mw said, "No she wasn't, the baby peed right before you weighed her!"

Okay, it gets even better.  One and a half years later D walks into the clinic,
unannounced, no appointment, and asks me if I have time to listen to see if I
can hear heart tones.  I said, "I didn't even know you were pregnant!"  She
says, "I'm still nursing, but Amelie keeps coming up to me and pointing to my
tummy and saying baby.  You probably think I'm crazy!"  I said, "D, I was at
Amelie's birth, I have never seen anything like that.  If I hear heart tones, I
wouldn't be surprised."  Sure enough, I could get heart tones.  I looked over at
Amelie and said, "Are you going to have a little sister or brother?"  And that
kid, all 1 1/2 years of age, said, "Baby - Me!"  I looked at D and she said,
"She's saying, the baby is a girl like her."

We did an US this time for unsure dates;  sure enough, that baby is a girl.

I have never experienced anything like that.  It wasn't scary or creepy, and I
don't get an odd feel from Amelie;  but there is no doubt something special
about that little girl.

The posting above about Amelie and her prediction prompts me to talk about
someone else with an uncanny gift. My grandfather's cousin had a reputation for
being something of a clairvoyant. Before tarot cards and psychics became as
commonplace as they are in today's culture, ladies like S (my grandad's cousin)
sometimes used regular old playing cards as tools for asking questions about the
future. S knew ahead of time if someone was going to die - for example: my
grandad and his friends went out on some hunting trip (this was when they were
all teenagers) and as they were leaving, S apparently turned to my great
grandmother and told her who wouldn't be coming back. The poor guy froze to
death after getting lost in the woods out hunting.

There are several other stories about S that both my mother and her sister have
shared with me. My favorite is how when my mom was 16 and her sister was 12, S
told my mom that she would soon be on a stage, being recognized and applauded,
and this would lead her away from home. S also told my mom's sister that she
would have a hard life and be married twice, and that she would be alone for
many years after her first brief marriage before finding happiness and being
well-cared for late in life. Well, three years after this, my mother won a
beauty pageant and off she went to the national competition. My aunt, meanwhile,
married at 21, divorced him at 29, raised her kids by herself on a secretary's
pay, and finally remarried at 51.

There are other examples I could list, but this post is too long already.
Suffice it to say, I believe there are people out there, like Amelie, with a

Of course your story raises the age old question of whether or not free will
really exists or is just an illusion.  Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in
between a la Johnny Smith in the Dead Zone where specific futures exist until
they are altered by the application of free will.  What if "S" had told the guy
to be extra careful? Would it have made a difference or would death have come to
collect its due in some other fashion?

Yes, I have indeed wondered about the "free will" aspect of it all. I have begun
to think some things are preordained, otherwise how to explain how S was
essentially forecasting forty years into the future, in the case of my mom's
sister ?

S was always most reluctant to confront people with the "bad things" she saw. It
was infrequent she would say something, and I think (based on conversations with
my mom, aunt and other relatives) that's because she probably had little idea
what she could do to forestall events, combined with the usual desire to avoid
being the bearer of bad news. Personally, if I "saw" future bad events, I might
be too freaked out to function, wondering what I myself could do in the face of
such things. There's also the minor issue of people thinking you're crazy!

Also, there is this. S lived into my late teens, so my mother had more than just
that one "reading" from her. I must have been about 16 or so and Mom went to
visit S, who told her that there was going to be "an upheaval" at my mom's
office when she returned, and that it had to do with a blonde man. Not long
after this visit, one of the partners (a blonde man) in Mom's office quit. I've
asked my mother why, oh why, did she never ask S about my future or my sister's,
given that Mom was well aware of S's abilities. Mom has shuddered and replied
that she didn't think she wanted to know such things.
It's also possible (and I emphasize the word possible rather than probable or
likely) that merely by asking one's future that the future is altered in a
negative manner.  That is to say by seeking such information one may put one's
self under greater influences from "negative" forces. Your mother may have
considered this possibility if only at a subconcious, intuitive level.
Analogies would include asking questions from a Quija board et (I am also
reminded of the story of I believe it was Saul in the Old Testament who sought
counsel from a dead ancestor only to be told accurately that he would meet his
doom).  I have read many accounts of people who "dabbled" in various ways with
the "occult" and experienced incredible strings of bad luck (of course I have
read perhaps an equal number of accounts where just the opposite occured).  It
makes me think of this song  !

Also anyone who has enjoyed reading these first hand experiences might also
appreciate this site which claims more than
9,000 ghoststories submitted as true, mostly first hand experiences.
This isnt a nurse story but it is something that I have always held close to my

I remember when my dad died (it was pretty sudden) and feeling like he was still
in the house but never seeing him.

It was a little while after his death my brother (who was about 18 mos old at
the time... there are about 13 years between us) came into my sister's room
(where we were all sitting and talking about how things had changed, etc) and my
brother starts going to the window and wont leave it... he kept saying "Daddy's
out there and he is crying" and "Daddy's crying" at that moment we all got teary
eyed and I knew from then on that he was watching us.

Last year when I was torn between what to do with my life and what I was going
to back to school for. I thought several times about nursing but had also
thought about becoming a surg tech or even going to school to be a PT... I had
several back to back dreams that all dealt with hospital experiences I had had
(either my own or from visiting family, etc) and in each one I could always
remember the nurse after I woke up. I have a feeling it was my dad's way of
helping me decide just what I needed to do.
I believe I have posted this story in the past, but it  may be worth the
rewrite. This takes place in an inner city nursing home up on the third floor.
The hall is to the left of the nurses station. Very nondescript with rooms on
each side. Just a dull rectangle shape. The only access to this area is the
elevator which is across from the nurses station and a stairwell on the other
side of that, more towards the other unit. The shift is 3-11, and its about 7P.
Most of the staff is off the floor for dinner. I am getting ready to begin my
evening med pass with all the crushes for the tube feeds. I have a male orderly
on the floor with me.
This unit has several loud patients with one in particular, a female who says a
name of someone repetitively. All the time. I think the name was Mary. So along
with other assorted dementia sounds there is the constant background noise of
"Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary, being chanted. The orderly is
facing towards the end of the hall next to me and my med cart. I am about half
way down the hall. The patient who keeps chanting Mary is the second last room
on the left. He is asking me a question when the is a sudden SILENCE. The
chanting woman has stopped. The silence makes us both look down the the hall
towards this woman's room. We both see a little girl who literally skips out of
her room and enters the last room on the right which I know is empty. We both
know there are no visitors on the floor but still don't want an unescorted child
running around. Plus we have noticed she was dressed kind of odd. I lock the the
cart and go down the hall together. No one is in any of the rooms except the
bedridden patients that were supposed to be there. We then check on the quite
chanter who was not dead , just inexplicitably quiet. The little girl we saw was
dressed in a salior like outfit. A popular style at the turn of the last
century. A midi blouse with a large collar and neck!
tie and having a long waist. It was over a dark pleated skirt and dark sockings.
Her hair was blonde and pulled back into two braids that bounced as she skipped.
She never turned towards us, just skipped purposely into the empty room. The
patient stayed quite only for a few days then resumed her endless calling to
someone she wanted to see and "Mary. Mary, Mary" filled the dismal halls again,
but no reappearance of the little girl from the past who seemed to have given
her some comfort, if only for a short time.

Okay, I know this one sounds strange, but hear me out.
We just moved into a brand new hospital, and the locker room (to the OR) always
sounds like there is someone in there changing (Lockers closing, opening,
mumbling voices ect.) but there never is (I work weekends and nights when I am
the only one around). I go in there completely expecting to see someone in one
of the bays, but no one is there. I have attributed this to a new building still
settling in.

One day around 6PM I am at my locker and I hear this strange whooshing noise. I
attribute it to the clock behind me, when I realize it is coming from infront of
me. I start listening closely and it coming from the locker directly below mine.
I put my ear to it and it sounds exactly like someones mouth is behind the vent
breathing. I automatically reach to open the locker and as soon as I touch it,
the noise stops. All of the lockers are locked (each one has an individual key),
but now one owns any of the bottom lockers. A few seconds later it starts up
again, I said "Hello?" (fully expecting a response)and immediately it stops

I told a few close friends I work with about it, to see if they had heard
anything. They all say they have heard the lockers open, voices, ect., but never
the breathing.

The next weekend two of my coworkers and I all go into the locker room (again
around 6pm). Their lockers are one bay down from mine, and we are all talking
loudly, but as soon as I get to my locker, I hear it again. I told them to shut
up and get over here now! One of them put their ear by the locker, and stood up
soo quickly, we bashed heads. Put their ear down again to listen and slammed
their fist on the locker it scared them so bad. The other person wouldn't listen
and ran out of the locker room.

The following weekend the charge nurse (that works graveyards) was in there next
to that locker doing her charges at around 3am. She told me she heard breathing
coming from below my locker and ran out of there. She said "I could just see a
demon back there watching me."

I retrieved the key from the unit secratary and opened the locker, half way
expecting something (or someone) to be in there. There was nothing, and no air
vent in there to cause the sound.

I am not one to scare easily, but there is just no other expanation I can come
up with. Something I forgot to mention, whenever the "breathing" stoped (from
touching the locker ect.), when it started back up again, it was a gasping (like
someone who held there breath trying to catch their breath again)
It sounds like the locker room/locker needs exorcising or prayers....It sure
doesn't sound like a run-of-the-mill ghost.
My mom died about 2 1/2 years ago from breast cancer. Both my sister & have felt
her presence and have had very vivid dreams about her throughout these past 2

A few months ago, while my sister was waking up, she suddenly felt my mother's
presence very strongly. She opened her eyes to find my mom (transparent)
standing by her bedside. My mom smiled at her, turned around & walked out of her
bedroom. My sister watched her (shocked) until she vanished.

I have so much more stories, but I just wanted to share this one.

My very dear friend, Denny, died in a motorcycle accident. We had dated briefly and had parted on great terms. I had moved out of town, but when we would see each other he would pick me up, swing me around and ask if I was getting treated right. All during his funeral, I kept asking mutual friends, did he know how much I loved him? How much he meant to me, even though we weren't together? Yes, they all reassured me, he knew. Well, after the funeral, I retreated to my safe spot, my grandparents house. The first night there, I had a dream that he and I were in an apartment building. The stairs went up to the apartment on the side of the building. I was sitting on Denny's lap, kissing him and all of a sudden our friend Donald comes bursting in. What are you guys doing, the place is on FIRE, get out! So I jumped up and ran out the door, down the first flight of steps and turn around to tell Denny something. He isn't behind me, so I go back up to the apartment and it is filled with smoke by that point. I started hollaring out, Den, Where are you? Come on, we gotta get out of here! So I run back out, only this time there are no steps going to the ground, just steps going up. I started up the steps and saw him on a bridge leaning over watching everyone run out of the building. I said to him, Denny, what are you doing, we got to go, come on. He said, not me, I have to go somewhere else now, but its not your time yet. I said, where are you going, he kind of looked lost for a second and said, I don't know yet....Then I said, But Denny, you know I love you, right? He looked me right in the eye, smiled and said, Yes, I know. Then I woke up. Funny thing was, I couldn't move, AT ALL for about 10-15 seconds. I mean, I tried to get out of bed and my body was completely paralized. The sad thing is, the friend who came in to tell us the building was on fire died himself six years later in a car accident.

I have also had a dream of my dh's grandmother, whom I never met. She died a few years before he and I met. I had a dream I was sitting at a kitchen table and she was serving me tea, thanking me for taking such good care of her grandson. I never said anything to him, until one year we were at his cousin's for a Christmas party and I brought it up. I described the kitchen table and the cupboards and where the basement door was and they all looked at me in shock, told me I had described their grandmother's kitchen perfectly.

The last experience I had was shortly after my grandfather had died. He was an expert carpenter and I was working on some wood trim at my house. I was thinking, boy, I should call Papa, then it occurred to me that I couldn't. A few days later, I got a very strong whiff of Cherry Pipe tobacco (what he use to smoke) in my dining room. I stopped short and said, OH, Hi Papa, how are you doing today? The smell was gone in an instant. I tell him all the time to come visit me, but not to let me see him because it would scare the begeeses out of me, LMAO.

My dh swears our house is haunted. Things get moved all the time and noises can be heard. Once, when my son was a baby the screen was moved out of the window and placed very neatly by his crib. Dh called me at work all shook up, he is a complete and total skeptic. I said, are you sure someone wasn't trying to break in? He said, no, I was outside when he was napping and when I came into the house I went right upstairs!

As far as nursing ghost stories, the only one I can think of is the one elevator at work. We have 7 of them beside each other, but only the one does this. And not always....I work on the 6th floor. Sometimes, I will get in on 1 and push the 6 button, it will take me up to 5 stop then go back down to 1. The doors don't open, it just stops and goes back down. When it happens with families in there, I just smile and say, yep, this is the haunted elevator. I think they think I am kidding
I work in LTC so we see a lot of deaths in our facility. One day we had a CNA on our wing who was walking with a resident from another wing. She hollared for me from down the hall that "Ann" was up in her room walking. ("Ann" had always been very unsteady on her feet and wore a pull alarm) I went down the hall quickly to see what was going on. "Ann" had passed away several days before. But this particular aid was unaware of it. Needless to say there was no one in the room when I got there. but the feeling walking into the room was as if someone was there with you and a very distict odor of her perfume ( could have been left behind yes). We both had goosebumps and and the aid turned white as a ghost (no pun intended). She swears to this day "Ann" was standing by the desk in her old room. hmmmm.
I know I've already made a post on this topic, but have had a strange experience since that I feel like sharing.
I currently work in a private rest home for the elderly while I am training to be an RN.
For the last 7 months I have been the HCA for my best friends grandmother (Friends is a plural as they are identical twins... the three of us have been very good friends for over 10 years).
I had not met my friends grandmother before she became a patient, but we spent alot of time talking about her grand children.. my friends.
I formed quite a close relationship with this lady, and she was a wonderful woman.
Last Friday night I dreamt in which a young man came to me and said that my friends grandmother would be joining him soon, and thanked me for looking after her. The dream was an incredibly realistic and vivid dream, and I was actually unable to sleep for the rest of the night, thinking about it.
I rang work first thing in the morning, and checked to see that this lady was okay. She was apparently fine, and I dismissed my dream as a just that, a dream.
I had a second dream on Saturday night, in which the young man told me that I should warn my friends so they could say their good-byes.
Again I rang first thing in the morning, and she was fine.
At work on Sunday night, I noticed that this lady was not in a good way. She was not active at all ( and had previously required minimal help with her cares) and was lying in bed, breathing in short shallow, very wet breaths.
I took her hand and looked into her face. At that moment, I knew that the dreams should not have been dismissed. Before I finished my shift at 9pm, I made a last trip into her room. I felt very strongly that this would be the last time that I saw her, even though I have seen many patients bounce back from being unwell. I again took her hand, and told said my goodbyes. I told her that I was very grateful that she was a part of giving me two of the best friends I am ever likely to have, and that she had made a special impact on me.
My friends grandmother passed away at 9.30 that night.
I had another dream that night in which the young man and a young woman approached me holding hands. The young man laughed at me and told me I should have listened when he warned me about the ladies passing.
The young woman told me that I shouldnt listen to him, and that she was grateful for the company that I gave her in the time in the home, and that she was also grateful that I had helped her grandchildren through difficult periods.
She then winked, and said ' your welcome'.

I received the phone call to say that she had died the next day, and while going through some old photos with my friends, I discovered a photo of the young couple in my dream... happy and holding hands.
I have not personally experienced any of these things..Yet... However, there is
a nurse that I work with that told this one and it still gives me chills.
She was working In SICU as an aide through nursing school and a very sick little
lady had coded. They were doing compressions and intubating her and going
through the motions (about 8 people in the room) when the RT doing compressions
just stopped and froze all at once. His eyes were fixed on the window (which is
even with the first story roof). One of the nurses asked him if he needed a
break and he just shook his head, his eyes continued toward the window. Everyone
turned to see what he was gazing at, and lo and behold, the little old lady that
lay lifeless and cold on the bed before them was standing full of life in her
attractive hospital gown on the roof. The nurse swears that all 8 of them saw
the same thing. The little lady was pronounced dead shortly thereafter and so
the story goes. Whether the nurse actually experienced this or it was read from
a ghost story post, I think it's a good one....
After a busy evening in the long term care facility where I work, one of the
nursing aids and I were doing a last check of all of the resident rooms, making
sure all windows were closed, all residents were safely sleeping, etc.  As we
made our way up the hall, she went in one room, and I went in the next.  I left
the hallway door open to allow a bit of light into the room so I wouldn't have
to turn on the overhead light, possibly waking someone. There was enough light
so I could see all four residents were sleeping, windows were closed, etc.  As I
turned to leave, my eye caught sight of a glowing 'orb', which appeared to move
across the room and disappear behind bedside curtains.  Still wondering what I
had just seen, I went back out in the hallway at the same time as my co-worker
came out of the room she had been checking.  At the same time, both of us said
"I think I just saw a ghost!".  Same words, same time!  We had both seen this
glowing orb....she saw it cross her room!
and disappear, as I saw it appear and travel across my room!  We figured it had
to be one of our deceased residents come back for a visit!
Iím not a nurse yet, but I have a hosp. ghost story. I was in recovery from an
emergency surgery. While I was coming too I had two every attentive nurses
always at my side. One was an older woman that had the softest hands she was
rubbing my forehead softly while talking to me, waking me up from the anestha.
After I fully woke up and regained my senses I asked the male nurse where the
other nurse was, he told me there was no other nurse, I was his only patient.
Iím getting cold chills just typing this out!

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Posted 12 September 2005 - 12:59 PM

All of these stories remind me of when I went to the hospital to have my son. After I delievred him, The nurse warned me not to sleep with him in the bed with me. She told me that recently in the same room, a woman had done that and accidentally suffocated the infant by laying on the baby. I can't imagine the anguish that this mother must have felt! cwy.gif
But that's not the spooky part. The spooky part is that in the middle of night ,both nights of my stay, the call button was pushed and the nurse kept on asking what I needed. I did not push the button and I made sure there was no way that it could get pushed by accident by me. The other weird part is it happened at about the same time every night.
Another odd happening was that a few times while I was nursing my son at the hospital, I would start to nod off but all of a sudden I would feel someone waking me.  I think maybe something was making sure the tragedy would not happen again. ermm.gif

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This didn't happen in a hospital it happened in my parent's house just this past July. My father had been quite ill for a long time. He started having "mini" strokes back in the mid 1980's and slowly deteriorated from then on. Earlier this year he fell and broke his back in two places which landed him in the ICU in May with extreme pain. He then went home with a hospital bed in the living room. My sister called me (my family is in PA and I'm in VA) frantic saying that the hospic nurse said he had 3-5 days to live. She said that he was talking to his first wife, my mother who died in 1972 when I was 7 years old. And also to my aunt who died last July and he was speaking in Pennsylvania Dutch which is a dialect of the German language. Anyway its hard losing a parent but I know he is no longer in extreme pain and he's with my mom.

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This is a question I asked of a medium, Kelly Musulin
Q: Why are some souls seem to be stuck here earth bound? Even children?
Why doesnt God, send someone for them?

I was told a long time ago by the other side that I would be ostracized by my peers because of my beliefs.

Many people will say different if they read that statement, but I know what I was told and many things I was told have come to pass thus far.

I usually keep my views to myself because of this, but realize the time is coming where my point of view is going to be heard. I'm not much for confrontations and surely do not want to debate my beliefs because I feel we all have the right to believe what we want.

I don't see God as I once had when I was younger, a separate being, a king sitting on a throne judging me for the wrong I've done in my life. God is you and God is me, the plants, the sky, the dirt, the insects, the air, God is all, God or what ever you choose to call your higher power just is and we are all a part of this, separate but a part of, with free will.

I don't believe in earthbounds in the sense that there is no one to come for us, no one to guide us, weíre just left in limbo to roam the earth or somewhere in between, how sad would that be!

Let's say you are God, or the belief of what most call their higher power. When I leave this world to go home, would you not allow my family to greet me? Would you not send anyone for me to show me the way? Would I have to walk around in a place I am familiar with, but no one can see me and no one talks to me. How frightening is that?

I believe the souls know they are crossed and have the choice to come and go as they please and personally I think some of them shake their heads because we don't get it!

Hell, I don't get it and I won't until I'm there and even then I don't believe it stops once were are on the other side, itís a continuing progression of learning about our Godself.

Kelly Musulin

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Posted 14 September 2005 - 07:14 AM

Has anyone heard the stories of patients that believed they had taken trips? Not physically, but as they lay near death they speak in metaphors of traveling and visiting, packing bags and what not. Have you heard any stories like that?

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Posted 11 May 2006 - 11:03 AM

I love these stories. Does anyone have any to contribute since the last post on this thread?

I had a client back in October that was in the end stages of prostate cancer.  He was often talking to his wife (who had passed a year earlier).  A couple of days before his passing, his kids (none lived close, his daughter was in England) all got dream visits from their mother.  The hospital called all of his kids the next day and said that he was in the end hours and if they wanted to come they should come now.  He told me his wife assured him that all of the kids were coming to see him off.  When the family arrived the staff was dismissed so I didn't see him after that. He passed a few hours after his kids came to see him.

The following week I found myself back at the Assisted living building (for another client) and was told that sounds were heard coming from his apartment like someone was still living there, even though no one was in the apartment.  Once his family took his belongings out of the apartment the noises stopped.