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I Could Have Been Him In My Past Life?

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#1 Leather


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Posted 06 June 2017 - 02:45 AM

Hello! ;D

I hope I'm on the right place to tell you my experience with past life!

1 year ago I've "found" a person who I think was me through things I did not understand in this life since childhood, like:

-feel like I do not belong to this country.
-feel like I was popular "before" (when I was 6 years old sometimes I asked to myself: where gone all the people who like me alot before? And in that time I thought I was getting crazy because that people never existed in this life).
-feel like having fought a lot/a lot of conflicts, what had never happened.
-a great affection for dancing although I hated to dance, which made me think that it would come from past life mother.
-feel like I had lived in the 80's (as a child I created the 80's in my mind, something that I didn't know nothing about... only when I grew up I've found that it already existed and I had not invented anything new.
-feeling that something bad happened in the 90's.
-feel like I've been in a rock / metal band (as a child I asked why the songs had no strong guitars and keyboards, and why there is no songs with a certain "magic" (I did not know what that magic songs could be until I became teen and discover that was 80's songs I was talking about in childhood)
-I have never been able to correctly pick up objects with my right hand, even my right hand being my preferred hand (also, people say I write like left-handed people, "hand bent", they think I'm left-handed until they notice I'm using the right hand), with my left hand I can pic up objects correctley....which makes me think that I was left-handed in my past life.
-I feel many heartaches without having anything wrong, I've done medical tests many times, which makes me think that I died with a shot in the heart, or something like that.
-I always had a very very very weak breath, which made me think that I smoked a lot "before" in my past life.
-I have a gift: writing, both prose and verse, mostly songs .... (that I've never cared too much about, until I found "the person" that I think is me in my past life).
-I never played badminton correctly, although I loved this sport! It was a single case in school, in my school time. When I make the throws, I behave like I was playing tennis (although I had no idea how to play tennis, and I only knew it years after left school... I also only thought about it after discovering " The person" that I think I have been in past life)

So (3 years ago) I did a summary: I was a man who had lived at the height of his life / career in the 80s, had a band, had a dancer/ballerina mother, died in the early 1990s with a shot in the heart (or something like that), smoked alot and fought/argued alot! Left handed, very popular, wrote music and probably sang/played something!

I NEVER found on the internet any article of a musician who had died murdered in the 90's and who had a rock / metal band. I gave up, besides I did not believe it as much as now ..... One day (1 year after the summary), out of nowhere, I was reading a top 10 articles, I found a "top 10 unknown musicians murdered in the 90s." They were almost all Rappers, and in the middle of them out of nowhere appeared a photo of a long-haired blonde man and I stopped and said: hey! This guy must have been in a band, I can feel that. I was going to google the name but I stopped again and closed the tab.....Underneath the photos there were written dates of death and I decided to check first ....... what was my surprise when I saw that he had died at the beginning of the 90, January 22, exactly the day and month I was in that day, and he had died precisely 22 years ago! He was born on 22nd as well!

I was in shock .... but worse.... later I google it and what I found:

-He had died with a shot in the heart (after a carjacking that he suffered).
-He have been in a rock / metal bands in the 80's (just one band is famous).
-He had a ballerina/dance teacher mother.
-He smoked and drank a lot.
-He was always in fights/conflicts, mostly in a bars after gigs.
-He used to play of tennis, in a team.
-He was Left-handed.
-He wrote and sang/played songs, also he was the lead vocalist on the bands.
-He was from the USA (I'm not).
-He was very popular, knew lots of people....


Before I found about him, I've made a past life regression with an audio! I saw a gig on a small bar.....full of people inside! I couldn't saw the name of the band, the gig was ending, many people applauding! People wounere screaming something that sounds like: Fóoo-réss! Fóoo-réss! Many times, and fast. Only that.... I thought it was the name of the band, and I tried to find a band who match. I found nothing.....All this take place 1 year before I find him on a internet article! But now, and right after find him, I can tell you guys: people were screaming the surname of the vocalist (the person I think was in past life). I can't write the name of him here because I have no certainties, and I have respect!
I thought I was imagine things on the regression because I never heard about that surname before (I'm not from America).
Right after I known about "the person" name and surname, and remember the regression...still don't make sense people screaming only the vocalist surname instead of the band name, right? The answer is: yes, it makes sense. You guys are now wondering why I say this with such certainty, right?
I can answer it: Months ago from now, I was listening the last song of one of his albums (live album), and the song was in the ending.....I was distracted.....then I heard a familiar sound! I ran the song back. At the end of the song, which was the last of the concert, the audience was shouting his last name ... that sounded like: Fóo-résss!
I was in shock again!

If all this is true so I can have peace, and I can understand my karma of life to live my life relationships are always bad, and recently I've been acused to be a person that I am not, Seems like my partners can't see they hurt my feelings or they didn't care much about it! That man I "found" didn't care too much about the feelings, he had alot of diferent womans every night, so I can see when this happens to me in my actual life! :(
One day a person wrote my astrology chart and shown it to says things like "now is time to give and don't expecting to receive" "now it's time see how it is be on the other side, and the heartbreak will make you learn how to be better"

Do you think I could have been him in my past life? It makes sense to you?  :)
I can't tell you the name of the man because of respect! So I don't want names here, but if you google this: "22 january carjacking vocalist" , you can find the blonde man I'm talking about, but please don't put his name on the post, many people don't believe in past life! :)

Thank you!!

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#2 Vlawde



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Posted 06 June 2017 - 08:19 AM

Very interesting! I did google this, and have never heard of the musician or any of the bands he was involved with before
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#3 Leather


    False Positive

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Posted 06 June 2017 - 10:01 AM

View PostVlawdeGStudy, on 06 June 2017 - 08:19 AM, said:

Very interesting! I did google this, and have never heard of the musician or any of the bands he was involved with before
Riot was the only famous band he had! :) I think he was just known in the 80s!
Thanks for your reply! :D

#4 MrsFrootloops


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Posted 06 June 2017 - 06:21 PM

I love past life stuff. The whole re-incarnation thing intrigues me.

#5 KlaineyGStudy


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Posted 09 June 2017 - 03:04 AM

I think people are very interested in past lives and I too google but had problems with the search prompts you gave "22 january carjacking vocalist" It didn't return any positive results. However, "Riot band January 22, 1994" gave excellent results.

Yes, I think it is possible that he was you in a past life! Thank you for sharing :)
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#6 Amethyst


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Posted 09 June 2017 - 02:00 PM

There is a strong possibility you are correct.  I believe in past lives.  Thank you for your amazing story



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#7 earthlydelitesGStudy



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Posted 13 June 2017 - 12:37 AM

wow thats really cool, and very specific! There's no doubt that you've had some extraordinary links between this person and your current self, so who knows? Entirely possible that it was you! Only you can really answer that question I think though.
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