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Cleared For Release - The Scientific Establish Of Parapsychology

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#41 MacQdor


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Posted 10 April 2016 - 01:29 PM

Posted Image
Scientific Establishment of Parasychology

A day by day account of Steve Mera's and Don Philips 6 day investigation can be found here.  Events are mentioned in narrative form.

Steve and Don provide an update on the report being compiled by S.E.P



Activity has spiked with my preparation of moving out of the house.  Phase II near completion Phase III can begin with possible S.E.P involvement, other teams involvement with the eventual moving in of new occupants.

My goal was to always to move once ample evidence was compiled and a portion of both the paranormal community and parapsychology believing and substantiating our claims.  

More outstanding activity has happened in the months leading up to the move. All the organizations that assisted with obtaining evidence have been notified. It is believed with the moving and prepping of things:  moving of furniture, house renovation, selling off of un-needed items such as furniture, etc in a way has stirred up new activity. By new activity I mean new phenomena.

new phenomena both inside, outside and away from the home.   I have broken down ym experience and the experience of my Gf into 3 phases

Phase I ( the longest of all the phases )
2012 - 2015
Moving in and the experiencing of weird phenomena. Seeking help and assistance. Enduring till help arrives and lastly the TV airing on GA.

Phase II ( began)
2015 - 2016
With Post GA airing. It is during this phase that Fr. Roy came on board. Assisted and performed the house "exorcism" and in doing so mentioned the home might be occupied by a Poltergeist.  It is also during this phase that east coast paranormal teams caught wind of the case and reached out to me and from June 2015 to now have assisted and compiled their own investigation.

5 months remote house monitoring. 24/7 observign home via 6-7 cameras.
2-3 weeks in home investigation Jan/Feb
Rich - Investigation
* The UK Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology involvement and other subset organizations
Phase II is complete the day I move out
May 8, 2016

Phase III
Begins May 8th, 2016 - Until*

House will sit and be un-occupied till a new family moves in.  When they move in we will see IF and when new activity begins.
A detailed report consisting of 4 years of data awaits the next house occupant

NOTE: Phase III has two subsets(tWO qUESTIONS)
a.  New home occupant and
b.  Will I be followed at  my next place of residence.

*Interesting thing about Phase III is the various media and paranormal houses knowledge of the home.  Those who think all of this was orchestrated over a 4 yr period by me and GF are going to be in a weird predicament when a new family begins reporting similar, equal or God forbid worse activity.

the silver lining out of all of this is who ever lives in this house after me will have at their beckon call ample teams ready to assist. We know sagging, IR cams, and the labeling the house with religious items aggravates the entity's inside.   Not doing those 3 things might mitigate the house to a degree. IMO, in our opinion wont mitigate it completely.

As of right now the activity attributed to the home appears to be as S.E.P defines as L.I.H. Local Intelligent Haunting that is land locked.

the specifics as to what it is exactly is still to be determined.

i have other video evidence worth sharing but it seems this site ( even tried on all 3 browsers ) blocks YouTube links?

these videos are of the new phenomena post both SEP and East coast teams visit.

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#42 MacQdor


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Posted 24 April 2016 - 11:49 AM


The Scientific Establishments of Parapsychology  Steve Mera and his researcher Don Philips just left my house this past Wednesday April 20th. Trip was very impromptu based on recent activity. Recent phenomena includes new wall markings, and something new almost impossible to explain.  This time the guys bough an independent 3rd party Nick Kyle. Nick Kyle is the president of Scottish Society of Psychical Research. He explains his role for this investigation accurately below(see Soundcloud).

Keep in mind this trip wasn't planned like the 1st visit. But more so adhoc based on recent activity.  They came to obtain samples of the new wall markings. Both wall and vehicle. 2nd of the new markings was on a friends truck which resemble the markings of the office (Halloween 2014). In addition to that they wanted to to investigate both house and land behind the house with new equipment while at the same time having Nick Kyle sign off on everything based on being a 3rd party.

The trip in January was 6 days. This time they stayed 8 days. UK and Scotland.

The EVP's below are EVP's I caught while following and observing Steve and Don do their thing. When they come I work from home and just monitor from a close distance. I've learned, or we learned from their previous trip that the spirits love to converse among themselves while Steve and Don do their thing using various equipment. They being the (spirits that live here) even conversate while Steve and Don debunk or try to ascertain all evidence captured. Some of the best EVP's have been captured this way.  The EVP's below are EVP's I've captured using both GoPro, Zoom H2 and a Digital recorder I bought off Amazon for $25 bucks.

I've provided the one's captured via Zoom H2 first.

ZOOM0004  2:49 On Box Link / 2:13 On Audacity "we're are you"
ZOOM0004 9:58 On Box Link / 9:13  on Audacity " they're here"
ZOOM0004 27:03 On Box Link / 26:17 to 26:19 on Audacity ……….."STOP ???? (sort of count down or something)"
ZOOM0004 47:23 On Box Link/ 46:40 on Audacity   "…I'm a…….Mirror"
ZOOM0003 :11 On Audacity   "Slow"

the EVP below was caught on a GoPro type camera/Hall way a week before SEP and SSPR arrived.
TOOK PLACE April 3rd 2016. On April 3rd 2016 these EVP's were caught with a cam and mic placed in the hallway.
:23 "Yeah"
:52, :53 something blows on the mic and at
:54 EVP voice is heard saying
1:32 "Yeah"
1:47 "unable to tell what the lead in but you can hear the words....I didn't fall" ??? begins at 1:47 ends at 1:53.

ME AND HOUSE OCCUPANTS ARE DOWN STAIRS. Somethings at :41 but i cant make it out. Sounds like "NO"

Phase 4 now consists of...

1. The Official Report will be completed and sent to you.
2. Audio, Video and Photographic findings through analysis from both visits will be sent to you including conclusive remarks.

We should be moving to phase 5 within by 2017

I move out the house May 5th

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#43 JIMOverSeer


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Posted 24 April 2016 - 02:58 PM

I like Nick.... he's there during this quick investigation as an independent investigator to keep everyone honest.
Every team should have someone like that on an investigation. :)

#44 MacQdor


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Posted 24 April 2016 - 03:58 PM

My hats goes off to these guys. There are really approaching this from several dimensions one being, maintaining a level of objectivity. It was great to them to invite Nick along, And I can tell you while here not everything go agreed upon. Nor should it. What they left with all 3 men agreed on and collaborated with.

Its that type of weight that when all gets finally shared will lower the amount of un-needed skepticism. Even though u can't avoid that entirely. Suffice to say all 3 men are professional and this was a good BEST PRACTICE implemented by the team
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Posted 27 April 2016 - 09:16 AM

Interesting reading the report in the magazine.
Sean aka Capt Zeanie

Posted Image

Posted Image

#46 MacQdor


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Posted 29 April 2016 - 10:31 PM

:28 "Slow

EVP at 1:57 "Awhile"

In January the Scientific Establishment  (aka S.E.P ) Steve Mera and Don Philips spent 6 days at my house. Periodically I would my existing video cams to record their work, sort of video and audio diary.  i shadow them or place video near them as they worked.  The video here is 4 months old in that it was made back in January. I revisited it a few days ago after learning from the S.E.P's 2nd visit just last week that a majority of their video and audio footage ( still being compiled and soon to be released had on it on awesome EVP work). Learning that made me back track and re-listen to my audio and video files. Thus finding the EVP'S here.

1:57 i found upon my 2nd and 3rd revisit few days ago.
:28 seconds a stranger discovered.  The often mention found word "SLOW" and "NO" is interesting.

As we try to piece this together it seems the word "SLOW" is often uttered in and around the stairway or hallway. This is the hallway come Jan 2nd 2014 I took a bad fall that resulted in a torn patella tendon (right knee) surgery to repair.

Compare the "slow" above to the "SLOW" caught on multiple devices by a neighbor friend when I granted him access come late January, early February


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#47 MacQdor


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Posted 04 October 2018 - 09:01 AM

Officially released June 2018

Posted Image

This document is the property of SEP : The Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology Media Coverage: Ghost Adventures, Komo 4 News, Fox News, Phenomena Project Phenomena Magazine, International Press and Radio Stations
Third party association: Jackie Heighway, Thom Ross & Jenny Ashford

Copyright ©. JUNE2018-26411

64 Page Report

More info

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