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Aussie Adventure: Amber/leatherface

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Posted 30 October 2017 - 01:50 PM

This group-venture paranormal horror-encounter story inspired by the films The Hills Have Eyes and Badlands of Kain.

Cheers (and Happy Halloween...or Devil's Night),


A group of hip 30-something Americans (all friends from college) were living together in an apartment complex in L.A. and working in the city too. One summer, the group decided to travel to Australia and do some fun paranormal investigations in a folkloric haunted mansion while camping in the Outback. It was to be their exciting 'summer fear-fest.' The unofficial leader of the group (Jake) and his girlfriend (Amber) wanted to 'spearhead' the paranormal investigation, and two other members (Andrew and Allison) wanted to take photos of the haunted mansion to post on Facebook for comments. However, the group quickly discovered they were not welcome in that haunted mansion --- they were frightened by an eerie evil presence (and the funny sound of hardware!).

When they entered the mansion, they roamed around the three floors of the house and Andrew was snapping away with his Nikon camera. Suddenly, they heard a strange sound coming from the attic. Amber decided to investigate alone --- and never came back down. Jake went up to find her, but there was no one in the attic! Then, Allison ventured down to the basement, because the funny sound of rattling tools were coming from there. The group originally thought the 'hardware-rattling sounds' were being made by a prankster or were some pre-recorded audio effects meant to encourage tourism to the much talked-about haunted mansion. When Allison came bolting out of the basement urging the others to flee from the house, everyone ran in separate ways.

The evil presence now chasing the members of the scattering group was the ghostly demonic manifestation of Leatherface (an otherwise simply fictional chainsaw-wielding cannibal from the popular Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror-film franchise). Jake realized the group's unwelcomed visit to the haunted mansion had provoked the haunting spirits to create this horror-film modelled cacophony, but Allison was sure that the demonic manifestation of Leatherface was, in fact (in some very strange way!) the 'real' Leatherface! Jake ran ahead of Leatherface who was currently chasing Allison and drew the demon's attention towards himself, inciting the monster to chase him instead. When Leatherface changed directions and began chasing Jake, Jake shrewdly picked up a branch lying on the ground and swung it towards the chainsaw-wielding entity and then right at his face.

The demon simply disappeared and the group decided to pack up their belongings and return to Los Angeles. They returned to their home and filed a police-report about Amber gone-missing. Jake had filed the missing-persons report with the Australian authorities/police and the Embassy, but he felt more comfortable pursuing the complete investigation through American officials. Amber never resurfaced, and the group kept their horrifying encounter at the folkloric haunted mansion a secret, but Jake never forgot the incident and the disappearance of Amber would haunt him forever. Years later, Jake decided to write a very allegorical memoir of the incident for The New Yorker titled Australian AntiChrist (which won him the Pulitzer Prize). One night soon thereafter, Jake had a strange dream in which he saw the spirit of Amber visit him and tell him, "I belong to Leatherface now, but my purpose is to congratulate you on the Pulitzer --- remember me!" Jake decided that every human adventure must contain an 'awakening romance.'


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Posted 30 October 2017 - 02:11 PM

Hi, Abishai100.

I've noticed that you enjoy writing.  Keep at it because practice makes perfect.  I have a book around here somewhere that may be able to assist you.   When I turn it up, I'll post it for you.

The problem with short stories is that you have to have a flair for it or understand how they are put together.

Good luck.  I'll keep reading.

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Posted 30 October 2017 - 10:17 PM

Wow that picture is very 80's thanks for the story :D
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