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Resurrection Mary

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#1 Guest_HelenaHandBaskettGStudy_*

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Posted 27 February 2007 - 04:42 PM

I know that we had an older topic on this, but I was re-reading some of my favorite stories and most of the links that we have on this are old and out-of-date, and they don't work!! sad.gif So, I have found some other links, my favorite being the link on because of all the other Resurrection Mary links they have on there!!! So, (pardon the pun) I thought I would resurrect Mary by starting a brand spanking new thread about her and see what we can come up with!

Here are some great links with some awesome info on Mary:

Troy Taylor's Prairie Ghosts

A great picture of the bars to the gate at Resurrection Cemetery:

Ghost Research Society's RM Info

The newest sighting of a RM encounter:

Mystical Universe

The real story of Resurrection Mary:

PSI's Real Story of RM

#2 Claire


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Posted 28 February 2007 - 09:17 AM

Great reading, HHB!  She is one of my favorite ghosties!
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#3 Annabelle78



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Posted 28 February 2007 - 11:25 AM

I love this story too. When I had lived in the Chicago area we used to go searching for her all the time, of course with no luck.  I never get tired of this story or hearing about more experiences!
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#4 Guest_HelenaHandBaskettGStudy_*

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Posted 01 March 2007 - 06:19 PM

You are both very welcome. I just thought it was time to breathe new life into some older threads we have on the board. smile.gif

#5 TomorrowAlora



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Posted 01 March 2007 - 06:34 PM

Whew- for a moment there I thought I was going to have to sleep peacefully tonight. Thank goodness these stories helped that sensation pass.  tongue0021.gif

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#6 CorisCapnSkip



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Posted 08 November 2014 - 01:17 AM


MYTH:  RESURRECTION MARY has been identified as MARY Bregovy.
FACT:  She hasn’t been positively identified as anybody!  There are at least five good candidates, well-profiled here:  http://psiresearcher...urrection-mary/  The best candidate was actually named Anna, history here:  http://www.ghostvill..._03232007.shtml

RESURRECTION Cemetery staff will hang up the phone in a second if you call mentioning this subject.  None of the reenactments on Unsolved Mysteries or other programs were filmed there—they will stop the making of even amateur videos by paid-up members, telling them to leave.  (As far as I know, this much is true.)

MYTH:  They do this because the Catholic Church accepts only three destinations for souls of the deceased, Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory.  Therefore, there are no ghosts and none of these events happened.  These prejudiced people reject the many allegations regarding MARY because they don’t fit into their own narrow beliefs system.  They are so opinionated they are not worth bothering with.
FACT:  They don’t like talking about it because every time the subject comes up, the neighborhood is flooded with curiosity-seekers, yahoos, and hooligans, and the cemetery is subject to a lot of vandalism.  Don’t ask me where I got this—it was on some message board, not one of my regular ones, from someone claiming to be a local resident—but it had a ring of truth to it.  The first part can be verified through online searches—the police department clamps down with such strict surveillance, you can’t get near the place on Halloween!  As for whether they believe it or not, there is excellent evidence that the best piece of physical evidence in this case, the cemetery gate bars featured in the article referenced above, were in fact removed, preserved in secret, and replaced with duplicates installed upside down and loose along with a truly pathetic story of how they got that way.

MYTH:  Mary appears only late at night to people who are lost, disoriented, and unfamiliar with the neighborhood—locals don’t see her.
FACT:  In pursuing this subject, I contacted longtime local resident Frank Andrejasich, the researcher who has identified MARY as Anna Norkus.  He was kind enough to call and write me at his own expense.  What I was able to infer from what he and others said, or declined to say, was that plenty of local residents have seen Mary.  They don’t avoid discussing this because other locals will consider them crazy, as probably everyone around there has either seen her, or knows someone who has.  They don’t discuss it for pretty much the reason cemetery staff don’t—it brings a lot of unwanted traffic into the neighborhood and creates disruption in general, so is considered a troublemaking thing to do.  (The couple who appeared on Unsolved Mysteries were locals.)

There is at least something to these stories, as many people who reported sightings did see things late at night, and often when they were lost and disoriented.  The nearest open business is a bar named Chet’s Melody Lounge, where terrified witnesses would stagger in saying they just saw something strange, yet as far as anyone seems to know, no one who works at Chet’s has seen her—now, how frustrating would that be?

MYTH:  Only drunks see RESURRECTION Mary.
FACT:  Well, the nearest business open at the times of night she usually appears is a bar where people go for a drink to steady their nerves after having seen her, so you do the math.

MYTH:  Mary appears only to men.
FACT:  Estimates put sightings at around 70% male witnesses.  It helps if they are young and attractive, but MARY doesn’t confine herself to any age or gender.  It would be interesting to see statistics on how many people saw her after hearing there was a ghost and how many were unfamiliar with the story, but since not all sightings are reported, there are no reliable figures on that.

Frank Andrejasich let me in on the distinct possibility that the best-known and most exciting story about Mary, which had her spending an evening dancing with, and even kissing, Jerry Palus, was an exaggeration if not an outright fabrication.  What’s believed to have actually happened is that some relatives of his picked MARY up one night, and he embellished the story.  Inquiries regarding the address he claimed she gave him never panned out, and I found myself that he incorporated many elements of another well-known phantom hitchhiker tale, that of Lavender, which originated in the Ramapo region of New York.  A good version is found here:  http://jackmblogs.wo...amapo-new-york/  This is said to have actually happened to someone at some point in time, but unlike RESURRECTION Mary, it’s never been successfully traced back to determine who.  It’s of interest in indicating that the story had at least made it to Chicago by 1939.

MYTH:  There are phantom hitchhiker stories from all over the world, some of them with similarities to the RESURRECTION MARY events.  For some examples, see the headings "Vila" and "Western European References" in this article:  http://en.wikipedia....Slavic_folklore  Many such stories are obviously myths.  Therefore, every phantom hitchhiker story ever told by anyone at any time anywhere in the world is an urban legend, by definition false, despite numerous witnesses, including credible individuals such as police officers, reporting the exact same figures and occurrences in the exact same locations for decades.
FACT:  HA!  If you believe this one, just remove all paper currency currently in your possession and throw it in the trash, or, better yet, send it to me--because currency of all kinds have been known to be counterfeited, and bills are far easier to fake than coins.  Therefore, if you don’t want to be caught with the goods or exposed to unsavory elements, from now on, you’d better pay for everything with either plastic, or better, coins.  Preferably pennies.  Bills are unsanitary and covered with drug traces and microbes, so you’d better just send all that filthy lucre to me so I can dispose of it properly!  Just PM me for my address and I’ll wait for the cash to come rolling in!  :anim_63:

#7 CorisCapnSkip



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Posted 17 December 2014 - 01:50 AM

If anyone is able to find information on the hitchhiking ghost in the Ramapo region of New York or any others, please share!  From what I have found it's unclear as to how many may have witnessed the Ramapo apparition or when it was last seen.

Here is one in Maine with very similar characteristics--the exact same figure seen under the same atmospheric conditions in the same place by many witnesses over the years.  The traveling salesman tale is questionable as presumably he died before being able to tell what he saw--but plenty of others lived and related various encounters!  http://seeksghosts.b...ill-legend.html

Very similar stories from rural Pennsylvania:  http://www.pennsylva...adyofwopsy.html

Related reports from England:  http://www.kentonlin...ost-film-25048/

Investigators conducting a vigil at the site were disappointed:

Many others from various locations.  Here are some from Australia:  http://www.dailytele...4bbe132c9e865de

#8 CDS


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Posted 17 December 2014 - 01:59 AM

#9 CorisCapnSkip



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Posted 17 December 2014 - 10:56 PM

View PostCDS, on 17 December 2014 - 01:59 AM, said:

Kewl.  Saw that or one like it on some paranormal program--this phantom put its face to the window and kept up with the car!