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What Did It Feel Like To Have A Ghost Touch You?

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#1 Kiwilady


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Posted 25 January 2008 - 02:34 PM

I know there are people on the boards who have been touched by ghosts or spirits.  My question is when did it happen and how did it feel???

I've had a few experiences of being touched.  The first time was when I was about ten and was lying in bed.  I had woken in the night but it can't have been that late as my parents were still up and light outside my room was still on and my bedroom door was open (as usual).  As I lay there it felt as if someone stroked their hand over my face.  It was not cold but felt cool and for some reason I thought the hand felt like it belonged to an elderly person.I remember it vividly because I was so scared.

About ten years later I had another experience of being touched but this time it happened reasonably often.(maybe once a month).  This felt exactly as if I was walking through spiderswebs - but only on my face.  It is interesting that my boyfriend at the time also had the same sensation happen to him once.  (I had not mentioned it to him).

My last experience happened quite recently.  Our beloved cat had to be put to sleep and I woke in the night to the sensation for him rubbing against my hand as he did in life when there was a spare hand just lying there!  This sensation kept going as I lay awake.  It was only when I jumped (as the realization that it wasn't right because the cat no longer was alive) that the sensation stopped.  I still occassionally see the cat so I know he visits us.

Anyhow those are my experiences and I would like to hear of others.  

Kiwilady Kiwilady

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Posted 25 January 2008 - 02:42 PM

I have had my Hoodie slightly yanked and it just surprised me. I also started a thread that happened to me recently where I actually SAW the hand. That was more of a shock and awe but both times I wasn't in fear.
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Posted 25 January 2008 - 03:58 PM

Years ago, when I stayed with my parents.  I was in bed and on my left side facing the wall trying to get to sleep.  my right arm was above the covers.   I felt two large callused hands grab my right arm above the elbow.  They were icy cold hands too.   I turned my head and looked and saw there wasn't anything there and I could still feel the invisible hands as I was looking at my arm.   It wasn't a tight grip, just like holding on.    What felt like 10 minutes later (it was probably one minute), the hands lifted up and the sensation went away.  Only then did excitement and a little bit of fear go through me.  I brushed my arm to get the remaining sensation of the ghostly hands off my skin and turned on the light.  

That was my only touching experience.

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Posted 25 January 2008 - 05:24 PM

I have been touched or grabbed on a few occasions in my home. It has felt at times like a light hand across my back or my leg. Other times it was more direct. One nite I was in bed and actually heard what sounded like a hand coming up the side of my bed and then I felt my ankle being grabbed. I told it to stop that just as I would if a person had grabbed it. Other times it was tugging my hair or pulling on the back of my chair. The only time I actually saw it there was no attempt to touch me even though it was within 18 inches of me. Even though I have lots of activity in my home I can not honestly say it was a "ghost" that touched me. How do you know?

#5 RavenHeart


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Posted 25 January 2008 - 05:55 PM

  The first time was a hand grasping my shoulder, (from behind) and I was alone. The touch was ice cold and I cried because it scared me so much. It was 1982 and I was 20 yrs old then. The second time, I was in a large plantation house and I was knocked out of the way by what I am told was the lady of the manor. (She needed to learn some manners). LOL! blink.gif I was mostly shocked with disbelief. I thought the people discussing the ghost might be a little "off" in the head, but they were right about it. It felt just like a physical body had bumped me..hard. It was if I was standing right in the middle of the way when she came through the hallway where I was. I almost lost my balance and needless to say I had that wth look on my face as you might imagine.


#6 Ridinghood


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Posted 25 January 2008 - 07:08 PM

Well, I've been touched by both negative and positive ghosts...the negative felt kinda awful and I got a overpowering sense of dread....thats the only way I could explain it, positive felt energy tingly, but I felt peace.

#7 BootheelGal


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Posted 25 January 2008 - 07:10 PM

Hi, My name is Janice.  I've been waiting for a thread as this one to come so I could tell of my experience.  

I was around 10 or 11 and I have a twin sister.  We both shared a room and had separate beds, but when one of us would get scared, we'd sleep with each other.  The one that was scared would sleep by the wall because it just felt safer. Ha, that was a joke, especially on this night.  My family at the time were very God fearing people, my father read the bible constantly and made us go to church everytime the doors were open.  My sister and I even sang duos in church, went to contests in big cities and won afew trophies.  I hated it.  My dad at the time was the kind of man that preached about everything, but he also was unhappy, like he hated being that way too, and it made all of our lives hell to live with him.  Anyway, back to my story.  That night, after we had fallen asleep, me by the wall and my sister on the edge, I was on my back and my arm must have flung across her with my hand hanging off the edge of the bed.  Half asleep I felt a tug on my fingers.  I didn't think much of it I guess because I was still in lala land, so I pulled my arm back up and when I did that whatever was pulling on me came up with. (This still bothers me after all these years and yall and my family are the only ones I've ever mentioned this to, so bare with me if my mistakes get bad on the keyboard, I'm trying to write fast so I don't chiken out before I'm done) Whew!, now to finish.  Whatever it was landed on my chest, breathing hard with the most rancid smelling breath I still to this day have ever smelt.  All I could see were orange eyes above mine and said in a deep raspy voice, "Bad christians go with me!" and then I screamed and it disappeared.  Before I knew it my mom and dad came running in and my sister had fallen off the bed because my scream scared the crud out of her.  Of course they said it was a nightmare, and maybe it was but to me it was as real as I'm sitting here, (sweatty palms and all).  Just thought I'd share, it's something I think about every night I go to bed.  Thanks for reading.

#8 decayingangelguts


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Posted 13 February 2008 - 07:52 AM


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#9 Tantric KittenGStudy

Tantric KittenGStudy

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Posted 13 February 2008 - 08:18 AM

There's such a range for me...

Some feel like ice cold hands touching me.  Others feel like regular warm hands touching me.  Sometimes it will feel like someone running their hands up and down (like my upper arm... though I've felt it other places too) half an inch or so above my skin...

I'm really tactile so I reach out and touch them more often than they reach out and touch me.  Most of the time THAT feels like a "thickness" to the air (it's so hard to describe)... like I'll be moving my hand through the air and then find a magnetic sort of resistance.  It's akin to feeling chi/aura (if anyone practices Tai Chi regularly or makes "psi balls" or is a reiki practitioner, they'll know EXACTLY what I mean).

  One, that was a dark entity, felt sort of like "electric snow" -- it was tingly (and really zapped the heck out of me directly before it threw some pictures off the wall right next to me) sort of like pins and needles but not really (the person filming me told me it looked like it was snowing on me, too).

There is a particular "nasty" that angry entities will give me (and it IS a touch of some sort)... it feels sort of like if you stuck your hand in half-congealed jell-o that had a battery connected to it only instead of feeling it on the surface, I feel it inside wherever the "nasty" is given.  This is fairly common... especially after I've just been feeling up the entity.

Another fairly common thing is feeling a hint of contact (not quite a solid touch but like someone was just doing it and you can still feel the ghost of the contact -- pardon the pun) along with just FREEZING COLD... like it's -10 outside and you step out the door and stand there for a couple minutes.  It's not cold in the room but I become cold to the point just before painfully cold.  I have been told by the other investigators on the team that this is when they can sense the entity trying to snuggle in to me and use my energy to manifest or create an EVP or simply hide from being pushed around by someone else.

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#10 Augustine


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Posted 13 February 2008 - 12:57 PM

I believe I mentioned this in several other threads, but a couple years ago, my husband was grabbed by something in the hangar on our property.  The light was out, so he went inside on his own while I waited outside the door.  Everything was, of course, pitch black.  He called my name at one point and asked where I was.  I replied that I was still outside.  When he came back out, he explained that he had felt somebody grab his forearm.  It was unmistakeably a hand, and it felt just like a living person's hand (he could feel the fingers encircle his arm and everything).  It only lasted for a second or so.  He assumed that it was me, but when he reached out for me, nothing was there.  I had been outside the entire time.

So in his case, the ghostly touch felt just like a living person's touch.

#11 Guest_ellsbeth_*

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Posted 13 February 2008 - 01:34 PM

Mine always feel like a very light electrical current---like a tingle depending on the situation.

#12 PVenkman



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Posted 13 February 2008 - 03:41 PM

While I have been touched many times over the years, all but a few fall under the 'cool electric tingle' over different areas of my body.... mostly the face and upper body.... but I have come to realize that certain spirits will touch me in the same place and with the same feeling every time... almost like their signature 'hello'

I used to work in an old B&B that was once a church..... and there were a number of resident ghosts.... one of which was a very cranky old man that would sit or pace around in one specific corner of the sanctuary/dining room. To him, it was still his church... not a B&B.... and on two seperate occasions I distinctly felt two hands push into the middle of my back and shove me a 1/2 step forward.  It really felt just like a real person trying to push me out of the way.

In the house that I currently live, I have felt someone come up behind me (the hairs on the nape of my neck will stand) three or four times over a six month period,  and they proceed to 'flick' me on the back of my ear lobe.... and it felt just like real person flicking the back of my ear. I'm not sure who this particular spirit is, but it feels like a playful child... however they won't actually communicate with me yet.

I once lived in an old farmhouse with a couple of other guys when I was in my early twenties... and over the two years that I was there, an extremely evil (quite possibly demonic, although I am certainly no expert on demons) entity made itself known. I didn't realize just how much it had actually changed the happy, kind fun-loving guy that I was... into a seriously depressed, angry and just plain mean person.... until I had been out of that place for  a couple of months..... but about six months before I moved, I was actually grabbed by this 'thing'..... I was lying in bed watching the 11 pm news, and I had just happened to glance at the clock on the VCR... it read 11:14.... I felt this odd burning/tingling on my ankles but when I went to pull my leg up to scratch it, they wouldn't move. I looked down in a panic and saw what I can only describe as a dark blurry mass swirling at the foot of my bed and I felt myself being dragged off of my bed by my feet. I  struggled... and clawed fighting this force, but it was no use... and by the time it let go, I was on the floor at the foot of my bed!!! It was by far the most terrifying experience of my life!!! I said the lords prayer and asked the angels for protection every night until I was able to move.

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#13 lorddraven2000


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Posted 18 February 2008 - 09:20 PM

I felt a few differant ways actually. Once it felt like spider webs but another time it was just like a real touch

#14 ForestFire



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Posted 26 July 2008 - 06:50 AM

I have felt 2 very different feelings from what I assume to be ghosts. The first was when I was stretched out on the sofa, with my eyes shut, but very much awake and listening to the tv. As I lay there I felt a buzzing feeling come all over my body, like pins and needles, almost as though someone was trying to get into my body. It was so strange, I have never felt anything like it before or since, which is a shame because it was quite a nice buzz.

The second time, was when I was in the middle of my Reiki level two course, and we had been shown how to open and close our chakras. Well, after my class that night, I went to bed and opened up all my chakras and sent out thoughts of being open to energy etc,etc. I fell asleep and in the middle of the night I felt, what I thought was my cat sleeping on my head, I started feeling around for him, but as I felt my head the feeling of him being there vanished. I sat up and looked at the door and saw that it was firmly shut with the cat on the outside, and as I lay back down, I saw an elderley lady at the side of my bed holding a cat, and she said to me, "Me and my cat love people who practice alternative therapies." And then she just disappeared.

It sounds completely unbelieveable, and no one who I have told the story to believes me, they just raise their eyebrows. Maybe if it hadnt happened to me I would not believe it either, as I am quite a skeptic..

#15 Guest_Silent Walker_*

Guest_Silent Walker_*
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Posted 28 July 2008 - 03:50 AM

Mine may not be paranormal, I am not sure, it only really started about 4 months ago.

I normally get an icy tingling feeling on my left shoulder blade to the point of it making me shiver (not from the cold but that shiver you do when someone scrapes a knife on a plate or bites on a fork etc), my father died over 2 years ago and there have been some strange things that have happened in this time which I know is him letting me know that he is around, I believe that this is also him putting his arm around me.

#16 IsisoftheGarden



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Posted 29 July 2008 - 03:30 PM

It felt almost normal.

I believe the house we lived in before we moved here was haunted.  We had quite a few different inexplicable events happen.

A little while before we moved, I was sleeping.  I'm a fairly light sleeper, so if the dog snorts or the cat is hacking up a hairball, I wake up.  I had heard something and opened my eyes.  I was laying on my side (I think, this is usually the way I sleep).  My back was facing my husband.  

I felt someone touch my outer thigh.  It was similar to what my husband does to see if I'm in bed, kind of patting around all over the body, just to make sure you're there, but it  was definitely different than what my husband does.  I rolled over to touch him and let him know I was there.  He was laying on his stomach with his arms down to his side.  

Of course, I had to wake him up.  I asked him if he had some sort of gumby arm and touched my leg.  He said something along the lines of "grrrrrrrrr, I'm sleeping".

I couldn't really find an explanation for it.  All the underpants gnomes and sock stealers were tucked in their drawers.  The child was sleeping in his room, the cat was in the living room, and the dog looked pretty angry that I kept turning on my little flashlight.

#17 tinkerbella



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Posted 30 July 2008 - 04:35 AM

QUOTE(IsisoftheGarden @ Jul 29 2008, 07:30 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I couldn't really find an explanation for it.  All the underpants gnomes and sock stealers were tucked in their drawers.

HAHAHA  That was too funny!  smile.gif

I've been touched on three occasions that I can recall.

The first happened maybe 6-7 years ago.  I was either just getting ready to leave for college, or I came home for the summer after the first year.  I was just about to go to sleep one night.  I was on my side and had the blanket tucked under my arm (where that arm is still above the covers).  The air conditioning was on as well, so that could account for a portion of this.  Anyway, from my shoulder to the tips of my fingers, along my entire arm, it felt as if someone had laid theirs directly on top of mine as a way to comfort me.  It was cold (though could have been the AC) and there was a definite pressure along the whole length of my arm.  I was scared, but I felt like whatever this was, it was just trying to comfort me and not scare me.

The other two times happened in a bowling alley about 3-4 years ago... and could possibly be explained, but I'm not sure how.  Once I was standing in my lane getting ready to bowl and all of a sudden it felt like someone was right behind me and leaning against my back (like if two people both leaned back-to-back against one another).  I stopped, turned around, and there was no one there, other than the people sitting at the monitor or waiting for there turn - no one on the boards/lane with me - and I stand farther up so it wasn't as if they'd have time to run back before I turned around.  The second time, I was sitting at one of the tables in the bowling alley waiting for my turn to bowl and was there with my mom and my boyfriend at the time.  As we're sitting and talking, I feel someone pinch my butt twice.  I didn't see either my mom or bf move, but I blamed them anyway, asking why they pinched my butt.  No one had passed by at the time and no one was behind me, so it could only have been them.  Though, they were backing each other up as well saying they would have seen the other person move to do so.  Oh well, if it is a ghost, at least it's playful... smile.gif

#18 Vlawde



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Posted 30 July 2008 - 04:59 AM

We were investigating an old gold-rush era hotel. We had a medium with us, she had already directed us to an area where we got some anomalies on film and some EVPs that were responding to us. She felt there was a female presence, pointed out where it was, and our EMF meters were going off. It left the room and came out into the hallway (with us confirming what she was saying with our meters) I was standing there, and the medium said "She like you" and started laughing and said "Oh, she likes sex too!" Apparently the entity walked right to me, then walked through me.

   I kind of had a butterflies in my stomach feeling. I didn't feel any heaviness or electricity, but did feel tingly as she passed through me. My reaction was "This is really cool!"
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#19 puckerpuss



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Posted 31 July 2008 - 03:13 AM

I've been touched twice. Once my husband and I were in a cemetery doing EVP work. The cemetery was on the edge of a very bad area so I assume that the ghosts that stay there are protective of the place. They are used to undesirable people coming in there and making trouble. While we were there, walking through the headstones and asking questions a ghost grabbed my hand and forearm, the arm that was holding the microphone. It felt like my hand and arm were plunged into a warm, moist, cloud. It was really strange and it lasted for several minutes. It was strange because I'd always thought that something like that would feel cold.

That ghost followed us around all over that cemetery. It knocked my husbands elbow as he was walking beside me. He was holding a notebook to record things as they happened and BAM, out of nowhere the ghost tried to get him to drop that book.

That was a crazy day. We got some interesting stuff on tape that day.

The other time was when I was 16. I was lying in my bed. I was awake and I had a creeped out feeling. We lived in a haunted house so I knew when something was going on. I heard a rustling noise at the end of my bed and then someone grabbed my big toe. It happened really fast. If a live person had done it I would have thought that they were trying to be funny. I think the ghost was playing with me.

It's funny because ever since the toe incident I can not sleep unless I have blankets tucked up under my feet.

#20 lorddraven2000


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Posted 01 August 2008 - 04:57 AM

Recentally I had the pleasure of getting touched and it was actually a tug on the shirt and it felt very much like a person had done it but I was the only one there. It was a very solid touch