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Ghost Music Coming Through My Computer Speakers?

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#1 Levicorvus



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Posted 07 March 2008 - 05:36 PM

Last night around midnight, I was on my computer setting up iTunes to my liking, as I had just received my iPod a day or so ago.  I was playing music as I was doing my thing and I started to hear music in the background, but didn't pay any attention to it, because I thought it was a TV in another room.  I checked to see if it was coming from an ad on my computer or something, but when I adjusted the volume on my speaker nothing happened.  About an hour after I put my computer to sleep and left my room to go to the bathroom, when I noticed that the TV in the other room wasn't on but I still heard the strange music.  I went back into my room and looked around, trying to find the source, I checked everything, my phone, my new iPod, my alarm clock, everything.  When I bent over my desk I heard the music get louder, so I bent down lower.  When I put my ear close to my computer speaker, I realized that the sound was coming directly from my speakers, while the computer was asleep.  I couldn't make out what it was but it was very faint with a male voice, and it sounded like a song, or maybe a radio talk show or something.  No matter what I did I couldn't change the volume.  I went back on my computer to try and figure it out but nothing would stop it.  I put my computer back to sleep and it stopped about ten minutes later.  I went to sleep after that very weirded out.  My question is has anyone ever experienced anything like this before?  Was it supernatural or is there something technological I'm overlooking?
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#2 GrandeChartreuse


    Cold Spot

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Posted 07 March 2008 - 05:41 PM

It's just feedback that your speakers are picking up.  Mine used to do it all the time, and it was very annoying.  I initially thought I needed to buy better (read: more expensive D: ) speakers, but after talking to a sales associate at the local BestBuy I was told that all plug-in, external speakers do that.  The associate suggested I try moving the speakers around to get them out of range of the stray feedback.  For a while, I kept picking up a local radio station (whether I had my own music playing or not), but after adjusting my desk setup, I haven't had a problem.

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#3 Levicorvus



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Posted 07 March 2008 - 05:48 PM

lol awesome, I was so confused haha, you have no idea, it was on my mind all day on what it could be.  It never happened before.  I'll admit I'm kind of looking for things like that because the anniversary of my father's death was last week and odd things usually happen around that date.
“And now, farewell to kindness, humanity and gratitude… I have substituted myself for Providence in rewarding the good; may the god of vengeance now yield me His place to punish the wicked.”
                                                                               --Alexandre Dumas in The Count of Monte Cristo

#4 Vlawde



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Posted 07 March 2008 - 09:29 PM

yeah, I've picked up CB radio, cell phone convos, radio stations, all kinds of things on my computer speakers
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#5 Guest_ellsbeth_*

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Posted 07 March 2008 - 09:50 PM

I suppose it could be a digital/satellite signal from nearby. I tried to explain to cousin that he should get EVP
but no, he scoffed it off to this.

Oh well, me tried---

#6 Ectoplazzum



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Posted 24 March 2008 - 03:49 PM

It's very likely that you're picking up something that is being transmitted by a CB radio or someone in your neighborhood's ham radio.  That happened to me years ago.  I had my stereo set up in my bedroom.  It was late at night and I was in bed.  I didn't have the radio portion of my stereo on, but I had been listening to records (LOL, shows you how long ago this was!) earlier in the evening and I still had the main unit turned on because I had forgotten to turn it off.  My eyes were closed and I was drifting off to sleep when suddenly this man's voice went piping through my room!  I almost jumped out of my skin!  Then it dawned on me that I recognized the voice, it was a neighbor!  How the H-E-doublehockeysticks did HE get into my room!?!  It turned out that he was using a ham radio set and he didn't have the proper filters for it, and it was being picked up by the receiver on MY stereo!  We told him about it the next day and he bought the correct filter and it didn't happen again.  But it sure scared the bejeebers out of me!


#7 Elizabeth4510


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Posted 24 March 2008 - 05:05 PM daughter has a set of walkie talkies we got from the story that we pick up truck CB on all the time. She calls it her guys.

#8 gummblefish



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Posted 27 March 2008 - 03:39 AM

I once picked up a local Cab company through my radiator on the wall. Freaked me out a bit.

#9 ScotiaSprits



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Posted 03 April 2008 - 07:32 AM

Once when I was 13 me and my friend were using walkie talkies and we picked something up on a baby moinitor. It was a mother reading the three little pigs. Sometimes on my cordless phone I pick up other peoples conversation, but I hang up, being ever so respectful  th_sarcastic_blum.gif . People pick up mine as well so I have to be careful about what I say. You never know who's listening investigate.gif

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