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Shape Shifting Spirits?

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#1 arxrobear


    False Positive

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Posted 16 March 2008 - 02:47 PM

I have tried searching for information, even consulting my own private colection of paranormal and supernatural books and I have yet to find an explanation for something that has happend to my partner and her mother in the same house.

Background Information:

Historically the area where my partners mother lives was agriculture, trade merchants and collieries as sources of income; so it was variable.

The House itself once belonged to the parish council as part of social housing and may have seen many residents over it's history.

Proported Paranormal experince:

Late in 2007 my partner was in her mothers kitchen making a cuo of tea for both of us, I was sat in the lounge which is seperate from the kitchen and her mother was upstairs in the bedroom; she explained to me she had a full length conversation with someone who appeared to be her mother while she made the tea. the entity disappeared when she was finished, like vanaishing into thin air; she called out for her mother who called back down to her from upstairs.

We both thought it very unusal and rather dismissed it as something spiritual attached to her mother and thought no more of it until a few days ago.

The house has since been arranged so that there is a living area downstairs as well as upstairs, since my partners mother shares it with her youngest daughter and her son.

This time the occurance manifested to my partners mother who was sitting in bed eating breakfast, the entity walked in the room and laughed at her. the entity took the shape of her husband, she explained that this was part of her normal routine and the entity continued to laugh at her... and just as what happened with my partner the entity disappeared.

Her husband had been upstairs the entire time of this episode and actually walked down the stairs as the entity vanished.

occupants of the house:

2 Adults and 1 child (the child is 9 yrs old and I had thought about pre-pubescent manifestations, but he seemed too young as most cases I have heard are reported at 10 or 11 at the youngest point).

Can anyone help me explain what has happend?


#2 Angelwings



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Posted 19 March 2008 - 01:15 PM

This is a very interesting experience,and i have given it much thought,and to be honest im quite puzzled myself.Firstly whats interesting is that more than one person in the house/fmily has witnessed this,and that whatever the cause for this,it is able to mimick and communicate.

Really the only two possibilities i have are as follows.

For some reason the two ppl who were seen,have physically themselves used bilocation knowingly or not to manifest at a different place to where they were at that time "physically"

OR...You have a very clever spirit who is able to show themselves as a lookalike to another person for their advantage.

Im not sure what others may think of this,i do hope we get more input to this,and hopefully bring a little more understanding to what was going on here.

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#3 orb or nothing

orb or nothing


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Posted 21 March 2008 - 04:48 PM

I have never heard of something like this. The bilocation theory is viable but because it's rather rare and it happened to two separate people in the one house is statistically odd but not impossible. I've never heard of an entity taking on the form of a living person a serious substantiated case anyway. I'll look into some stuff about it cause you've sparked my interest in this phenomena. I'll be interested to hear from others.  Picture 541.gif

#4 arxrobear


    False Positive

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Posted 22 March 2008 - 01:59 PM

Thank you both for your thoughtful replies; I do have more information about the occurances that I think rule out biolocational instance and possibly astral projection.

The phenomonon has occured again and this time the physical form appeared to be levitating over the computer desk, it took the form of my partners father as it appeared to her mother (like in the first instance).

I carefully asked a some question of my own to rule out the possibilities of biolocational apperances; durning each occurance my partner or her mother were speaking to the entity and the entity appeared not to respond back that is what raised the alarm with both of them and at that point apparently the entity would disappear.

Now to an interesting set of circumstances that are some what frightening. As of late her father has not been at all well due to several medical conditions he is slowly worsening.

He relayed to me his recent experinces at his home (my partners parents are seperated and live in different homes), he has been speaking to several people who have passed away, he has been speaking to them as if it were a normal occurance and that they were there for a reason; however he has also been releasing some strong emotions at entities that appear to him as well of those people who are still living, but are not really part of his life.

In our converstations he also revealed he has seen himself as of late leaving his body only to return to it; but also seeing a 'tunnel' of light which he begins to traverse, but when it comes time to finally enter he does not as he states he is not ready to go and is waiting for someone to pick him up.

It is really heart wrenching as he is the kindess and most most misunderstood person I have met, I feel he is waiting to be released to be told it's ok to go and that we will be ok.. though we will miss him.

So that is the updated stiuation





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Posted 22 March 2008 - 04:57 PM

I think maybe you should talk with his daughter and wife.  Tell them your conversation.  Then as a group go and talk with him.  Tell him that he doesn't have to wait to be picked up and the loved ones he has missed will be there waiting for him.  That you will all be there for him when he is ready to go, so he won't be alone.  I think that will make him feel less scared.  Might help with closer for his daughter and wife to. Best of luck!

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