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Australian Ghostwitch

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Posted 14 June 2009 - 02:26 AM

My Western District of Victoria(australia) Ghostwitch experience. (some other names and place names changed for legal reason)

  When I was small in the late 1950's-early 1960's, and before there was power line electricity in the lonely country area we had recently moved to, (LOL yes others than vampires are old) I was sleeping in the same room as one of my babier sisters and several nights in a row awakened to find a shimmering full grown ghostly female figure beside my sisters cot.

   Its supernatutal mystic presence and aura was very strong with a very cold chill, for myself and
of the resultant atmosphere. Each time I woke the figure sensed it, gestured at me casting me back
to oblivion. I was definitely awake and there was definitely that presence in the room. I asked my mother why she had been in seeing my sister but she said she hadnt. In the next days my sister tragically mysteriously died suddenly of moisture loss. I knew I had had a supernatural experience but never thought much about it again, always presuming it was an angel prior to my sisters death.

  Many years later near Sydney,I was living with friends who had some paranormal interest. They
asked if I had had any paranormal experiences. Recalling this, I told them of it.

  This made me think of it again for the first time in depth. With physic perception (akin to the the TV show stuff, although I dont know if the tv stuff is true) I was able to peel back the shimmering "angel" seeming aura, as the dileberate disguise the witch/ghost/vampire had adopted, from its long and often prior experiences of other children in the room of its victim waking up.

With this perception I have seen through it to that, even to it slipping in through the top corner of the room, which was a common spook enter the room method from 1700-1975. And I have seen of it like this that it fed off up to several children a year like this, with up to several visits for each, for up to 145 years prior to my sister, and mathmatically calculated its moisture draining so as the last feed would drop the childs moisture level below recovery, and the child must die. If so then god knows what form it took for this, but that would be after i was obliviated.  

  Also I have seen other manifestations of the same spook, seen even further with physic vision of it than I have just said. Basically these other manifestations involve the following.  

  Yes I can supply some details if you have the interest. It was ust prior to 1961 or so and at a place called Dundonell  in the Western district of Victoria, Australia. The place may not be so useful for seeking a spirit in a place, as I will explain, but could still have use.

   I was 4-6yo, we were invited to a garden party at one of the renowned old local homesteads  Mtfyans,  famous as one of the very main original Western District squatters huge places. At that 1950-60s time owned by a family called Byrnett. There was god knows how many people there, of all sorts, with magic shows, stalls, people all over the large grounds and surrounds and I was walking back alone from the horse and cart ride down a dirt farm track, back to the main house, when as a shorter way I cut through the garden. At which point, part way through the garden and mainly out of sight of everyone, a 6yo girl in a white frock suddenly appeared in front of me, took hold of my hands and said "I'm Katy Byrnett".
   Then there was some weirdo ghost type sort of carryon because of people coming closer nearby, busrting out of the bushes to my right as if they had been spying from there and all I remember is she sort of turfed me sideways to her right. My mind is a total blank from just after the the start of the throw and for a bit more. Next I am aware of, I am outside the front of the house, and a older boy telling me that a magic show is about to start inside, with  Dick  Byrnett,  the father, doing a rabbit in the hat tricks and stuff for about 40 of us.

   I have no idea what the interim was and never thought that much more about the experience for a few years. We never had anything much more to do with Byrnetts and I grew up under the impression that a girl Katy  Byrnett, my own age, was growing up at their place. Only yaers later I realise that garden party time, is 6 years before she is supposedly born. That is the age she now was and was growing up in the family as.

   A year or two after the garden party is when the ghostwitch thing was seen near my baby sister and as I said earlier it wasnt for 30 years before I thought about it again, to then with what I believe is real physic perception peel back the spirits false angel shimmering disguise, able to see the full grown woman shape clearly as itself, viz a viz Katy Byrnett.

.. From several further supposed family physical  Katy Byrnett sightings over the years, while we and Byrnetts were still in that district, I have some reason to suppose the surface Katy Byrnett aspect remained a 6-13 yo girl for up to 30 years in a row (so mebbe before garden party too??) but that may or may not be so, and I actually dont even know if she exists physically on any family surface because that is how little I saw or knew of Byrnetts from then on, and if she is a ghost maybe only I have seen her.
  I cant offer to publish all this with real names because I couldnt make overt allegations like that of all of it, but can allow  this not very discreet changed name and place type thing for that public surface.  If need be I could supply the real names  and as I said, we and Byrnettss are both long gone from that district and before I never heard of Byrnettss again they had lived in several different districts so that is not much good for normal ghost of a place stuff I guess probably.

But what I have wondered for a while is_

1/- Does any age or person discrepancy show in Byrnetts supposed family history.

2/- What do the medical records show of children dying from this moisture loss my sister died of.

  Say records within say 60 miles of Doonell while Byrnetts were there, and at places previous Byrnett family generations have lived at, back up to 140 years prior to 1975. Aiso maybe there are suspicious in this light, thick patches of child deaths from it in a pattern in other places.

  I cant remmber the medical name for it, but could find out if need be I think.  

  So there is my ghostwitch tale for you, make of it what you will, but its how I know there are supernatural creatures. Although if I ever get my hands on that one as the clear supernatural
creature it is, there will be one less.

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#2 knower333



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Posted 12 September 2009 - 09:11 PM

this is such a gr8 forum, i like it so much I've decided to share my only other paranormal experience .. like mebbe I've had a few isolated small ones but I
am not a physic or multi experienes person, but this was fairly weird i thought ..

  .. I was driving home across town from a friends place on a rainy day .. I found myself driving through a longish suburban shopping centre and got towards the other end about 80ft behind another car when it indicated a right turn about 1ft from the turn and I was going abot 65ks on the wet surface ..

  .. my initial reaction was i would roll the car as i swerved to avoid the other car and end up in the shops mebbe collecting a few people on the footpath .. however I decided to try "feather braking" multiple times and agt my prediction(tho I am quite a good driver like that) was able to feather brake about 10 times and easily swerve around the car with plenty to spare ..

.. ONLY later when I told my friends they were quick to point out what I had forgotten .. There is no such shopping centre there or anywhere on that side of
town even .. OMG .. and it was all in perfect graphic detail, peoples facial expressions, everything .. LOL so god knows where i was, what actually happened,
or what the hallucination?? was.. anyone else had such experiences?? Picture 510.gif

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Posted 12 September 2009 - 10:46 PM

I only have time to reply about the area, that you found out wasnt there. I have heard of this before, from many people actually. Seems you go back in time or a different dimension, ever so briefly and then back to the here and now. I have never experienced it so I cannot relate but maybe others can explain better than I can. Thats pretty interesting. Picture 562.gif

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Posted 21 May 2011 - 05:55 PM

Hi great forum, hope your day is good. Its been a while since I've been here so just thought I would drop by with an update. Wondeer if any see any connections.
Here goes -

- The One singled out by  World Troll as the World Community shared purport -

- I am trying to get some airtime for this matter.

    As you may or may not have noticed, about 37 years ago a Spook/Thingie moved in worldwide, in the fashion of an individual spook/thingie moves in to smaller individual situations, like for eg the "Mist Spook" in the movie moves into inhabit a house, OR a Spook/Thingie is the staircase and eats the person to inhabit the whole thing etc.

    And this last 37 year situation as involving the highest power levels and due onus of the shared world community purport, from this Democracy's angle.
    This world community the last 37 years, and under the least of feasible starts still, is just festering pusspiling on in astronomic increasing degrees of such, to
the exclusion of anything else of earth per second.

    Latent and general as such, big build up to the least of feasible starts? as all that is going of it so far.

   BUT its not latent and general for the whole world as such, just the rest of the world but ME. I am the one being singled out by the TROLL and its immediate associated.

   I, as this Shared world community purport aspect and Due onus, this past 37 years to that increasing total scale degree,  have no opportunity to do anything, even anywhere of the Troll presence so far.

    Like eg if in jail in Solitary, one has the opportunity to do what one can do there. If on the torture table, one has the opportunity to do what one can do there. However the World Troll as the World Community purport this last 37 years, latent and general for the rest of the world, but singling me out - AND I so far have no opportunity to do anything even of the troll presence so far.

    To illustrate this significance furthur, consider the 30 year relevance in that of all earth, all its history.

    Any such Public situation has taken 30 years at the most to begin as operative situations, go through all the stages, finish and pass. MINE is this 37 years just increasingly under the least of feasible starts, as the public shared aspect. Just that same condition for 37 years.

    Why is the interest in this so out of sync? and considering that is the situation being put up as all thats going of earth, further than a normal shared community purport ratio.

    Is it just hoping it goes away because of not facing any situation in opeation so far. Can this get any airtime anywhere? of something we think is that increasingly astrornomically significant for this past 37 years to the exclusion of anything else of earth per second.

   GTG hoping this helps the shared world community aspect and due onus make a move at last of this. Best, Mike(knower333)

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#5 knower333



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Posted 20 June 2011 - 06:19 AM

well hello again forum and ty for some reading this topic so far. You probably
dont know this, but there are very few others know of my involvement with the things mentioned above but those that read it here. I sent the "singled out by world troll" concept to Dr phil and Ellen but got no response and thats about all of it. Oh also I have told a mate I believe a ghost is present in relation to some of the strange computer and TV malfunctions it causes and he has witnessed quite a bit of.

   Does this lead to a point ummmmm well yes. You see particularly such a forum probably has noticed the paranormal concepts reasonably widespread in movies and
ghost stories of when the ghost is haunting over a centuries long time on a particular person or family, life to life, and how if the ghost becomes fixated as such, in those tales are always found clues/explanations in old writings, legends, folk lore or something, for the ones that are the focus of the fixation.

   To my physic perception at least, way beyond 100% and also well into normal perception, that is me of the ghostwitch situation, and over the last 2 decades such clues have surfaced like that for me, so I thought maybe you would like to peruse of them. I am not making this up these things, all really surfaced as such. I will make the distinction though that they may well not be exact past happenings clues, but may,  because of the circumstances, just be guidelines of whats involved, or they may be exact past happenings.

   Here goes anyway. First is that in the 13th and 14th centuries the ghost then was
an ugly, fat old seeming 60 year old woman, living in the inner city slums of London and Paris for 200-300 years. Who was then caught as a witch to be subsequently burnt
at the stake, but rejected the burning and flew off as the resultant spook.

   That not long after it was a normal coffin living vampire for 200 years in europe.

   Then there is no such full time scale clues for a while, but the next is that it
was the cornwall succubi,(or some english coastal succubi, I forget if it was cornwall exactly) which is a noted 17th-18th century english ghost story, where the succubi was a 3ft by 2ft by 2ft multi coloured cloud thing when it often ventured out from the extra dimensions of the coast caves it lived in, to then float 16ft above the fields
to houses which it entered flying through the glass of windows to rape guys.

   Then that it was the Bell Witch.

   Then that it came to Australia, culminating in its draining the moisture near to blood plasma of2 or 3 children a year, (as mentioned first article above) mebbe the whole of that 130 years, or at least the last 20 or so, to feed the spook progression at that stage.

   Oh and also(sry for edit) there was one other angle of who knows of this that may also answer the exorcism angle. This was an exorcism forum a few years ago, very heavily connected with the highest Vatican levels and the Spain connection from that who advised to seek exorcism from a priest first no matter what power you think the entity involves.

   It was affirmed on the site that was OK from the Catholic church for anyone and that mundane an approach. So I approached the 2 compound very large catholic branches n my town of 100,000 people and was mundanely accepted from the front desk as that was all ok and just to go to the other CBD church compound for a priest.

   A week or two later I did this but all of a sudden that concept was gone, no one
did exorisms anymore, none had such attitudes as shown up till then for them. So I
went back to the first compound and seeing the same nuns at the front desk, asked why the change would be, only to be confronted with vastly different attitudes totally against any such concept.

   They then brought the head nun down to talk to me and she exhibited she had copious prior knowledge of my previous brief vist, was totally anti my side, and then started to do weird things like hissing hatefully "why dont you use your own church" although it had never been mentioned what my church was, and the hissing was remarkably a dead ringer for the similar syndrome I have seen in movies, where someone is taken over to do that.

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Posted 29 January 2012 - 06:09 PM

Hi all, I just posted this in The spiritual realm forum but for obvious reasons post it here too.

I am possessed all my life. That story. :investigate:

I am possessed, since the slathering thingie moved a spare number of similtaneously operative inhabitory spook expansions in and around me when I was 5 or 6 years old, it running them from its main base away from that. I am 57yo now and in the last 2 years that of it nobly came up so now with my very good memory I can remember my self before that intrusion and see the hideous basic differences underlying all the hideous interferences, feeds and fakeouts on the total scale spook had ever since.

    The spook faked my whole childhood from then to 18 yo, every point, as, as I describe it, 2D on paper. Spook had worldwide to the/a quasi god level disconnected every scope of life so as I thought I was functioning ok but wasnt at all. Oh my 2d surface, all anyone has anything to do with, does ok, BUT was never able to go anywhere of anything. Unfortunately this didnt come up at all or significantly enough till about 10 years ago.

   After 18 I had been to university for a year, left and started a factory job (both of which the spook interefered with hideously but didnt come up as that for a fair while.) and despite that large handicap of the total setbacks the spook had enacted of my total life and self to 18yo, it hadnt affected my basic democratic world citizen and career knowledge at all, and I set out at that pace.

  At this stage I was aware I was suddenly inhabited by what I knew as a constant vampire presence, it gibbering and interfering 100 times a minute 24/7 and seeming to be able to "mirror" my entire surface self for that nearly  instant interference on that scale. As I knew things, it was a vampire presence on an individual scale in my individual life and leaving me the "adjustable" option of the full democratic world chance.But as it turned out later on it was far worse, but I will get to that later.

  I spent the next bit trying to adjust to the presence and do something with my life like that, and what didnt come up for more than a decade to several decades was that the vampire caused considerable confusion, job loss and problems. What had happened was that the vampire couldnt take that the areas it had imprisoned my childhood in were ineffective for what the vampire wanted to fake,  so it started flipping out alien to anything at all AND also what only came up 6 years ago, it faked the supposed "adjustable to" spook presence thing to the/a quasi godlevel, duping some very heavy incarnations I achieved soon after that initial confusion the vampire as such caused.

    What came up 6 years ago to the very honed pyshic perception was that the vampire had actually faked 100% automatically(not an adjustable to presence) in place of every aspect of everything, even the vampire presence situation at all, so no opportunity for me do anything all those years despite my 500,000 more than normal attempts at up to 20,000 times the normal good enough success ratios.

   But it is far worse a possession presence than I have seen mentioned in info of others. Spook goes off on the Simpsons different time scale/stop time thing(if you have seen that Simpsons episode), with similaneously operative 30,000 units per 1,000,000 of its physique units type thing. It knows every horse race result in the world more than 33 months in the future if it lets them run and with spare fake the races appendages fakes any amount anywhere in the world as similaneously as necessary, as I term it "wind up run out clockwork mouse races, involving instant "off to the track, off on a stop time, compute every horse jockey and involved element even every memory that can come up of all involved even the race callers, for that wind up run out clockwork mouse. And always 100% automatically. All those 50 to 500 races a day it fakes like that so it can fake out every on cent, switch round like a radio/fake every race combinations, not even any vampire push and shove, just all 100% automatic.

   I've always known it knows all the race results more than 5 days in the future, but lately this past 36 months as the vampire was ripping off a very straightforward $4,500,000 clear cash just from a $20 stake basis at the up to then allowed "toy" racing rates.At least that is what a few months ago came up to the perception of that activity. That is, of why 36 months ago the vampire suddenly started insanely faking 100% out of evry 50 cent amount instead of the normally allowed toy racing rates, up to 30 $300-1500 wins a day the prior 32 years and the vampire just faked the to go anywhere off the top of them.(quite a lot)

  With other spare fake for itself appendages, similaneously operative, it fakes internet poker, every card and every aspect from its increasing computation of poker, and knowing every players hand and personal life history at those changing tables, going off on a different time scale of every Flop, Turn and River to fake for itself. Also lotto and stockmarket. More.

  Also for example, as my perception has it, of one of its latent and general rest of world surveillance appendages, the recently shot jew spacewoman. My perception that honed and experienced, up to 100,000 times a minute and constant, says that the vampire from worldwide surveillance, also able to operate that quickly from it, rushed off and in an ensuing 50 times majorly distinct from earth possibility and reality, faked the jew woman lived instead of a very mundanely direct killing shot. WHY?? I dont like jews that much you see, and that would have been a big media score for me. So my perception says the vampire calculated of that to do that save. LOL and it would seem its not far wrong, because all the supposed replacement dead and injured  jews the vampire arranged since to try and make that up, including amy winehorse, havn't got near that would have been media score level. BUT you see what i mean about the vampire surveillance.

   20 years ago the vampire moved an appendage into the physical top of my leg, for the first intrusion of my basic physique, and its in place of any of my physique on that increasing total scale, and goes off eating up every defensive attempt, up to a few hundred a minute, for no relief so far, and, 7 years ago extended  a spare appendage of that into my manhood and increasingly totally rapes and molests that 24/7, with again no relief at all yet, no matter what defence I attempt.
   Thus the vampire intrusion presence festers pusspiles on, under the least of feasible starts at yet. That is its story so far.  :investigate:  :Picture 483:  :Picture 510:

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