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Guardians Or The Strength Within

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#1 Omen



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Posted 30 December 2011 - 03:36 AM

We've all had times when we are confronted with something that we feel so overwhelmed that we feel that we can not possibly cope or go through it.

But somehow, we do...

A personal experience of mine was at my dear uncle's funeral. He had been sick for months, and one cool morning I got the phone call that I equally dreaded and expected - that he had passed away.

My dad was initially asked to read the eulogy, but he could not cope - so he asked me to write and read the eulogy - I would do anything for my parents, so I said yes... and started to write - that part was surprisingly easy and quite enjoyable as I was able to relive some very happy memories.

Then the day of the funeral came, before I got into the church, I collapsed in tears - literally collapsed, another aunt and uncle helped me up and helped into the church - where I sat trembling, stomach churning, sweating - a rather awful mix of grief and nervousness.  Then I was asked to the pulpit to read the eulogy.

I got there, then I felt a familiar warm hand on my shoulder and a whisper in my mind, saying something my uncle said to me

"You'll be right"

and I was, I spoke with not so much a quiver in my voice.  I was calm.

Now, here is my point, was that my uncle's spirit standing by me?  was it my mind triggering comforting memories to help me through (the 'human spirit')?  or could it have been both?

Also, does it really matter what it was?  Whatever happened, it worked and I was able to cope and proceed in honouring my dear uncle.

i'd be interested in reading others' thoughts and experiences.

#2 Ghuoest



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Posted 30 December 2011 - 09:03 AM

Another explanation would be that you had let out your emotion, leaving you in a calmer state. That's not to say that your uncle's spirit wasn't with you at the time.

#3 ExtremeVisionParaVlogger



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Posted 30 December 2011 - 01:29 PM

I am both ways on somethings like this. I will say that we can overcome amazing things and I do believe that you overcame your emotions in that situation but I completely believe that its possible that there can be other forces that helped you get there....You follow?
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#4 Omen



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Posted 21 January 2012 - 05:57 AM

Thank you for the replies here (and apologies for replying so late - new job and all that)...

Both of your explanations make sense to me - it is amazing what we can achieve when overwhelmed... or when we have no other choice.

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