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Evp Using Spirit Box

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Posted 31 March 2017 - 03:15 AM


I don't have a SB-7 or anything similar, so I am asking here for your thoughts on how the process works. I know that is sweeps radio frequencies but I am not asking about this process but the process of getting a spirit voice.

On a normal handheld voice recorder, you press record, ask your questions and then leave a gap, then play back to see it a voice has appeared.

On a spirit box (eg SB-7) it sweeps across frequencies and puts the output via a speaker and you hear a voice.

So, how does that voice actually appear? Is the spirit interacting with the channel scanner doing the sweeping? Maybe if the voice appears only on one channel I expect, but for voices that cross several channel sweeps then is the spirit interacting between the channel scanner and the speaker? Or something else.

I have been trying for over a year with nothing. I have tried a simple voice recorder with no EVP, I have linked 2 recorders together and nothing, I have played white noise, brown noise, pink noise, chrome noise, a chopped up narration file (using EVPMaker), a audio file of channel sweeping one one recorder and put that output into another reocrder and still  nothing. So I am looking at how an SB7 actually works and where the possible spirit interacts to produced the voice.
Sean aka Capt Zeanie

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Posted 31 March 2017 - 05:03 AM

Sorry Sean, I'm not supportive to radio scanners which in my opinion produce nothing but auditory pareidolia from real human voices. I can sympathize that you've been patiently hoping for a connection on the other side for over a year and haven't had one interaction. The only way I could see a radio scanner viable is a result obtained inside a Faraday cage.

Here's a few suggestions for what it's worth.
  • Record at the same time everyday for 10 minutes with a combination of passive and interactive.
  • Try a different recorder than the one you been using. See if you can find a quality analog recorder. I have several Marantz cassette recorders. 2 PMD 222 & 1 PMD 430. They've produced excellent results. Maybe even a quality Reel to Reel.
  • Announce your intention prior to the recording event with a level of empathy to help those in need on the other side.
  • Try a new location.
  • Just try something different. A short story, I pulled wool socks over my shoes to imitate a prison guard in Eastern State Penitentiary and within 30 seconds I had something swear at me in real time. Just think outside of the box and don't always follow the same pattern.
  • Try to bring someone else with you when you record. I've found sometimes they just don't want to talk to me but are willing with someone else.
I'm also sorry you haven't had any success with the noise enhancement sound files. That's encouraged activity at least for me.

PM me if you need anything Sean.

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Posted 31 March 2017 - 03:13 PM

Hi Sean.  I've been experimenting with spirit boxes for about two years now and while I have had a couple of startling responses through them (in one response both my name and the name of the person I was with were clearly stated) I'm not convinced that they are an efficient means of communication.  I've heard a couple of theories on how they work but (as with a lot in this field) no-one actually knows for sure.  Some say that the spirit manipulates the device to use the words being spoken on the radio stations as it scans past them, and another train of thought is that a spirit uses the white noise between the stations to form words to allow the spirit box to "speak".  Both theories have arguable points.  I agree with everything that EVP has told you to try, but I've found I sometimes get a result when I tell any spirit present that I'm going to turn the machine off and say good-bye in two minutes (and do it, so that they know you will unless they say something).  I've actually had my best results (although again clear, audible results are very limited) using a transistor radio which my husband transformed into a spirit box (via instructions from YouTube).

Kiwilady Kiwilady

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