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Random Visions

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#1 Michelitaluv


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Posted 08 July 2019 - 09:47 AM

This happens to me not everyday but its when I'm just relaxed laying in bed with my daughter or sitting ill close my eyes and ill see a place or person or any thing and at that moment ill open my eyes and i feel the need to describe what i saw " its a woman with round glasses" ill close my eyes again to get more detail and with them closed ill describe every detail i see " shes a bit over weight her hair is like a clowns puffy and brown she has a green dress long sleved" ill try to describe as much as i can cuz as I'm doing so it starts to fade and then thats it. What is this and why?

#2 KlaineyGStudy


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Posted 09 July 2019 - 04:01 AM

Hello and welcome to the boards.

I would say you are picking up on some sort if spirit message.  However, it can be hard to gain more from the experience if there wasn't any mental recognition with the images or verbal communication.

I would suggest continuing what you are doing but write the details down and not to push the contact.
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Posted 09 July 2019 - 06:11 AM

Ive been keeping a binder since I was in highschool of dreams and such. Then once computers were more common in the late 90s switched to word files. Sometimes I get angelic script, or hebrew or other languages I dont even know what they are until I research them. Sometimes I ask networking buddies of mine to help me translate.
But I get visions during washing dishes, taking a bath, walking down stairs, etc. It can be random at times. I zone out and possible senses triggered are: taste, smell, sight and touch. Majority happen while I'm in a sleep state and can travel via as energy to be on their plain of existence more.
Its a form of mediumship.
Sometimes its someone or something trying to get your attention for a message. Or could be wanting help.

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