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5 People With "real" Extraordinary Abilities

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Posted 23 May 2020 - 08:13 PM

A truly amazing account of 5 special people in the world.

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Today while shopping, I put items back because it said, "Made In China".

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Posted 24 May 2020 - 12:12 AM

Yes I am doing Wim's breathing technique every morning: not the cold showers yet! :fright:
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Posted 06 June 2020 - 07:09 PM

I'm psychokinetic, so stuff either blows up on me, starts on fire or I drain it dead. I'll give examples and how I tested it as well. Its triggered with any intense emotion.
Electronics: i tend to drain them. kinda like a spirit does with batteries. i have also made some explode and then start on fire. 2 PCs, I was stressed at home with my dads drinking while I was typing my story on the old IBM (not internet yet) and then I heard a pop then there was alot of fire. My dad grabbed it and threw it out onto the pile of snow outside. Second time was years later I was in lab class for website coding, frustrated with code. There it goes again. They got it under control before the fire it was very smoky though. Light bulbs will pop as I walk in a house if they are near me. If i stop walking it stops. If i walk near another one POP there it goes.
Charged Items: like if someone has sacred items or crystals, anything that is not alive for items but has energy to them. If i get it I feel a pulse then its like uh ohh its dead and cold now. my sensitive friends found this out there like what the heck? its so cold now.
Testing it: When I was in college I wanted to test it out. A friend was doing a lab and taking electrical engineering. So had all the sensitive equipment. Including the wave machine I call it. It works by touching the end to an electrical device to read its output its like a table top box like machine. I said does it only work by touch hes like yup. I said I want to try something. I thought about my dad drinking, stress with exams and I stood a foot from it. it went all nuts!!!!! The waves were like lines vertically not wavy. I kept moving away then coming up. My friend was like 0.o thatssss not supposed to happen!!
So now my husband trys to get me things like ottorbox cases that are rubber or a rubber external drive, or surge protectors for my laptop and cellphone to be plugged in. I still keep eating my tablet energy though cause it has no rubber case. **SIGH!!**

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