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Dreaming Of An Invisible Force Attacking Me

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Posted 06 June 2005 - 04:57 PM

As a child I used to have many dreams about being attacked by an unknown force.  These always started in the same way to my flying dreams with a cold shivery and tingle sensation that some have said on theis forum to possibly be Sleep paralysis.  Again in my room that I slept in but the dark was always darker.  

Anyhow the dreams would have someone grabbing my hands or even throat or just holding me down and they felt like an adult males hands.  And boy the force was strong.  I used to find a way to wake myself up, it was hard but I's struggle and even felt muself forcing my eyes open.  Even yelled but would be in slow motion.

I think these dreams stated when I was about 8 years old around the time my parents seperated and divorced and continued even to my adult life until about 7 years ago.

The final dream started the same way bu I found strength to fight back, graple, throw punches and managed to push this thing into the kitchen (we lived in a ground floor flat at the time) as this was near the bedroom.  Moonlight shone through the thin flimsy curtain and I finaly saw who it was.  The face I saw was the most scariest site I had seen in my life.  No that it was horried as it was not but the fact that it was my face and I was locked in combat with my double.  I woke up after that but never had this kind of dream again.

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Posted 19 June 2005 - 01:29 AM

I've had 2 similiar experiences sorta like that..One I swear I was awake.........too scary.........
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